05 July 2007

Say Hello to Summer

"Hello summer."


Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. We had a great time visiting friends and eating way too much.

A heat wave is sweeping across the Northwest. Yesterday morning we went on a 4th of July family jog/hike. Jeanie and the pups came along. It was a nice and easy 3.5 mile trip. At 9.am the temperature was about as hot as it's been all year. By early afternoon it was in the 90's. Very hot for Pullman. We spent the afternoon and evening down in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley for BBQ and fireworks on the river. BBQ - thumbs up. Fireworks - thumbs down.

Since I had today off as well, I thought I'd take a little drive to try a new run at Boyer Park on the Snake River. This is where we often go when we "go to the river," but I had never ran on the bike path before. Another reason I wanted to go here today was because temperatures were forecast to hit 100 degrees and the Snake is always so nice and cold. Too cold unless it's at least in the 90's. And the location isn't so close that I would make the drive often with gas prices where they are. But hey, I had the day off and it's summer, right?

Just as I started my run an old man carrying a fishing pole and tackle box looked at me and Sadie and literally stopped walking to tell me as I ran by, "Son, it's too hot today for that activity." And he didn't say it as a comment or friendly advice. He really seemed to have expected me to stop running. Like it was an order or something. I smiled, but not too big because I wanted to conserve as much energy as I could because it really was too hot to be doing this kind of activity.

The path (the Snake River Trail) is very flat and stretches for about 3 - 3.5 miles. Mapmyrun.com says it's 3 miles. But all the park websites say it's 3.5 miles. So I'll just call my out and back 6 miles to be on the conservative side. HOT HOT HOT - but since it runs along the river Sadie was able to jump in to take a quick soak anytime she wanted to - which was often. As hot as it was the run was quite enjoyable. As you can see from the photos the landscape is pretty spectacular. And it's definitely one of those times where a camera phone can't even come close to capturing the feel of the scenery.

After the run Sadie and I jumped into the river for a swim. (Have I mentioned how hot it was today?) The water was the perfect remedy for the heat. The kind of cold where you would dare someone to jump in. Of course, this is coming from a Texan who is used to swimming in rivers with temperatures near boiling. :)

All and all a good summer day.

Photo 1: Looking southeast
Photo 2: Looking northwest
Photo 3: Snake River from the road above
Photo 4: 102 degrees!!!!! (isn't that guy kinda sexy?)

Off day tomorrow. It is supposed to cool down a bit this weekend. I hope so.

Keep running!



  1. Summer has arrived with a blanket of heat!! Rivers are the best following any run!

  2. ROFLMAO at the cute little old guy (I thought I'd add in the "cute, little" LOL) He probably didn't want to have to save you if you passed out :P

    102 IS killer!! You're insane!! Anything over 85 is too much for me, you brave soul!

    So beautiful there *sigh* You're so lucky.

  3. Over here on the west side of the mountains, I've always thought those were normal temps for the east side. It always feels that hot to me!

    That old guy probably wasn't worried about you - he was worried about Sadie!

  4. these palouse farmer guy types are serious about heat! you don't DO that round these parts sonny. i can't believe you run when it's that hot- i was dying at 9am this morning!!

  5. Ohhh 5 o'clock shadow, 2 runs in one day? damn...*coughcoughawtlovescruffymencoughcough*

    That is too warm for me..but glad there was all that water for Sadie :)

    Thanks for the pics!

  6. Maybe you did lose some wisdom with those teeth of yours.

    No problem, I'd have run too. I may have hit the river more than once though.

  7. Ummmmmm have you been to Albany? LMAO! Let me guess you're talking about Albany, Tx or Albany, Ga because the one I'm living in is a craphole LOL

  8. It's nice to get out for those mid-day hot runs. It makes you feel a little bit tougher. I wish I could've joined you. I love Eastern Washington and the landscape.