24 July 2007

New Sadie, New Shoes, and a New Respect for Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Sadie is home and doing great. The vet wanted to keep her overnight yesterday because when she went in to cut out the abscess she found out it wasn't exactly an abscess. To make a long story a bit shorter - the lump was not filled with pus like an abscess is. I won't get into the details of what it was filled with, so I'll just say it was more of a tissue inflammation thingamabob. So the doc gave Sadie some anti-inflammatory meds instead of anti-bacterial and that seemed to do the trick. Doc says she'll be ok.

"Hey doc, Sadie is training for a marathon - so how long until you think she can get back into her training?"

"Well, I don't see any reason why she would have to wait at all."

"Really doc?!?"

"Yep. She may be a bit tired but she isn't sick and exercising won't do any harm."

"Yippee, doc!!" (attempted high-five, but doc wasn't hip to my celebration routine)

The next couple hours was kind of a blur. Vet, car, drive, home, running shoes, belly rubs, leash, water, run, sun, sun, road, sun, bark, pant, pant, sun, run, water, sun, home, water. The blur wasn't so much as I was running so fast as it was that I had some sweat in my eyes and couldn't see real well. Sadie did great on the run. She was definitely more tired than usual but she was so happy to be out there instead of stuck in a kennel at the vet.

And I have a new pair of road shoes which always makes for a nice motivation.

And the electric pencil sharpener at work was awesome today. Major props.

So, with Sadie back in action I think this is going to be a great week of running. I felt good today after the 18 miles on Sunday. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (or is that a train?....)

Today: 7 miles

Keep running!



  1. YAY for Sadie!!! YAY for good runs! YAY for new shoes!

    Glad you had such a happy day = )

  2. so happy for sadie! woo hoo! don't you wish we recovered like dogs? seriously- minor surgery? go out and run! broken leg? you've got 3 others- run!
    new shoes AND an electric pencil sharpener? it must have been a 5 star day for you!
    i'm thinking of investing in one of those 80's style sweatbands for my head. sweat and contact lenses don't go together and i'm increasing my risk of skin cancer each time i forego the sunscreen to avoid painful eyeballs. public humiliation seems a small price to pay.

  3. Glad to hear Sadie is doing well. I need to remember we're training for a marathon that is only a couple of months away. Need to start thinking fast.

  4. I'm sure Sadie is thrilled that she won't have to rest. She probably would have cut the rest short anyway. We runners are like that, no matter how many legs we've got available.

  5. I'm glad that Sadie is doing better ;D ;D

    I like Jen's idea. You TOTALLY have to go the 80's sweatband route. I can see you going there :P And you know you have to take a picture for us too HAHAHA

  6. Its nice to come by and see someone else putting the run walk thing to good use. You'll be doing your first marathon about halfway into my first marathon's training plan. Keep up the good work, and good luck with that knee... (Sadie is the coolest :-)

  7. LoL I hope it's not a train!

    Glad to hear that everything is good with Sadie and that she is back to her training! Must be nice having your training buddy back. And new shoes to boot. Should be a good week! :o)

  8. I'm glad Sadie is alright and can resume her training right away. What a trouper!

  9. Good day for all. Now just make sure that fingers and tails stay away from the spiffy new electronic pencil sharpener and you should be good.

    I have this cool-max fabric kind of sweat band that ties on and works well - I got it at one of the marathon expos, but can't remember what it is called. It's a little better looking than the 80s terry cloth ones.

  10. So glad to hear Sadie is back up and running again! The sweatband is the answer and you would look beyond cool sporting it! I need a day like you had!