09 December 2014

Zion Traverse

Buzz: Hey, I'll be in town for a couple days.

Me: Cool. Want to run across Zion National Park?

Buzz: Sure.

Overview of the route

18 November 2014


At the end of July, Annie was offered a job in Utah that we couldn't pass up. So, two short weeks after our trip to Greece, we scrambled all of our belongings together and moved from our beloved Pullman, WA to Salt Lake City. 

It was a tough move. We loved the Palouse, and we always said we'd only ever move for the right opportunity in the right place. In fact, I had a list of only five places that I'd seriously consider moving to if Annie was offered the right job. Well, Annie was offered the right job in Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City was one of those places that I was willing to move to.

We moved down, I quickly found a job (thankfully!), and after three months it finally feels like we're settling in.

As always with a big move like this there are some moving pains and a lot of changes we're adapting to. Our proximity to the mountains has made the move easier to deal with.

Here's a few photos of the mountains I've been exploring these past three months.

I've participated in three races since I moved, but I'm guessing I won't get around to writing a race report on any of them.

XTERRA 2014 Trail Run National Championships (half marathon)
The North Face Endurance Challenge Park City (50k)
Silver Falls 50k (Oregon)

Next big race will be the Rocky Raccoon 50 in February. And I plan to get back into the blog groove now that we're settled into our new place.

Keep running!