22 July 2007

Interstate Runner

Funny, but I was pretty nervous about today's long run. My last long run, two weeks ago, was the hilly 15 miler that left my knee hurting so much I had to walk the last 2 miles - so basically I had only run 13. Today, the training plan called for 18 miles. I treated the last two days as though today was a race day. I wanted to come out and show these 18 miles who's boss. I wanted to put that 15 mile disappointment behind me. But, in the back of my mind there were those little itsy bitsy teeny weeny thoughts floating around telling me that maybe I'm just not a long distance runner. Maybe 15 miles (really 13) is as far as my body can run. Maybe all those people telling me I'm crazy for trying this marathon thing are right. Heck, I'm pretty good at putt-putt golf, so why not pursue that further instead?

I got up very early to beat the heat. And Sadie was NOT happy to be left behind. I started off slow, and then slowed down. I went out on a 9/1 plan. Run 9 minutes - walk 1 minute. I wasn't concerned with my time; I just wanted to finish this thing running and not walking with a gimp knee. And, as opposed to the very hilly 15 miler two weeks ago, I chose a relatively flat route. Now, there really isn't anything flat in Pullman. There is normal hilly and stretchy hilly (where the hills are just stretched out so they're not as steep.) Today was stretchy hilly.

I was feeling very strong the first hour and had to hold back knowing that I still had a long way to go. The run took me over into Moscow, Idaho and then back. It's always cool to say you ran from one state to the other. Sounds impressive. I kept the 9/1 plan and it was helping a lot. I felt strong all the way through - so strong that I decided to run the last 4 miles with no walk break. That worked for about 3.5 miles and then I was completely out of gas and walked the last little bit that goes up the big hill to my house. I mapped the run on MapMyRun.com when I got home to get the exact distance (and also elevation - click diagram to see) and it was 18.5 miles. Since I brought my watch for the 9/1 plan I was also able to time the entire run. I think I may start doing this on my long runs as I'm getting closer to Portland so I can have a realistic idea of what kind of marathon time to expect. So, the stats:

18.5 miles
2 hr 57 min (including the last .5 mile walk)
~9:34 min/mile pace

A successful day. I'm pretty excited about the entire run.

And I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is a rest day...

Sadie's check-up is tomorrow. I'll keep everyone updated.

Until then, keep running!



  1. Great job. Now you're ready for a good 5oK or 50 miler!!

  2. Poor Sadie. I am just reading about her vet visit. She will be back on the road with you soon!!

    If you can stick to this run/walk I will be super impressed. I tried it and hated it. Just could not wrap my mind around it so I gave up on the plan. Once I walk the demons step in and take over. When I run I seem to stay one step ahead of them...barely.

    Love the photos.

  3. Nicely done! I do the 9/1 in every run and race. It works for me!

  4. Dude, what plan are you using? 18 miles already?!? (Not that I have the foggiest idea what kind of mileage you should be pulling in right now on long runs for a marathon :P) 9:34 for 18 miles is pretty damn good if you ask me ;-)

    That running to another state thing makes you sound bad ass. "Hey dude, I just ran over to Idaho"

    I won't even comment on the elevation. What "hills" I run are like anthills compared to that LOL

  5. Wow, you ran into another state! That does sound sooooo cool to me. You know, if you lived in the southern area of where i am in San Diego, you could actually run into another COUNTRY!!!

    Where you live is so nice, as if i need to tell you. My sis lived up there for over 10 years...

    Mat & i are thinking good thoughts for your sweet Sadie...

  6. Well done on that long run, its great your knee seems to be holding up.

    Get well Sadie.

  7. Lol about taking up putt-putt instead, but I bet that 18.5-miler did something to convince you that you should probably stick with this whole running thing.

    Awesome, awesome run! And hopefully everything goes well with Sadie!

  8. That was an awesome 18-mile run! And how freaking cool that you can run to another state! I will be super-pumped the first time I run to a different town :P LOL

  9. wow...wow.

    i hope sadie will be alright! you are amazing! i'm glad you successfully completed your run :)

  10. Hey Scott,

    How did you make your elevation profile? Is this of a Polar, Garmin, MapQuest?

    Nice report on your run!

  11. Great chart! LOVE IT!

    Into another state ...hahahaaa..I wont ever get to do that! Not even another is close(100 miles away) sooo I'm jealous :p

    Great run tactic..glad the 9/1 worked out..and greatly I have to say.

    Sorry about Sadie..just reading it now. I hope she makes a quick recovery.

  12. Yep, this running thing is so natural for you. Don't think I will ever make it to 18 miles. I just don't have it in me!!!

    Anxious to hear how Sadie is doing.......

  13. Nice work on the 18 miler there, Scott. 18 seems to be harder to me than 20 or 22, I don't know why. All those hills will make a flat and fast road marathon seem like a piece of cake. 9/1 got me through my first 6 or 7 marathons.

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