20 July 2007

The Vet... (update at bottom)

Well, Sadie is off to the Vet today. There is a lump between her neck and jawbone. Her neck swelled up maybe a week ago and we suspected it was just a bee sting or bug bite because the swelling went down the next day. And the days after that the swelling had been going down rather consistently but it was becoming much firmer. Wednesday night and yesterday we noticed it was getting bigger and couldn't be classified as "swelling" anymore as much as it could be called a "lump." So we'll cross our fingers that it's nothing serious. Jeanie says I can't start serious worrying until the vet visit. Too late. I did a few google searches (is there a dog WebMD??) but only saw lots of words like "tumor" and "surgery" and "Rover."

Well, I didn't run yesterday and didn't take her this morning on my short run. I don't plan to take her on my runs this weekend (and beyond) until I get the go-ahead from the vet.

Today: 3.5 miles

Here's to hoping Sadie can keep running - soon!



We just returned from the vet and Sadie has an abscess that is likely the result of a bug bite gone bad, probably a spider bite. Her body was fighting the infection and was initially winning (that's why the swelling went way down) but eventually lost and the abscess resulted. She's on antibiotics for the weekend and we're taking her back in on Monday and the vet will decide if this is something that will require surgery to get rid of, or not. Sadie's also running a slight fever. Poor puppy. So it's wait and see until Monday. She's not going to be happy being left at home this weekend. I'll have to put my running shoes on in hiding.


  1. Definitely hoping everything is okay with Sadie!

  2. Hope she's back running with you soon.

  3. Uggghhh something similar thing happened to MIL's dog only they told her to put warm compresses on the abscess, to make the thing pop. Talk about NASTY!! Poor (white) dog had this nasty blood/pus patch embedded in her fur (does that make you want to puke or what? :P)

    Hopefully she'll get better soon!! Poor thing!! Great job getting that 3.5 miler in!!

  4. My first dog, Kenai, had something similar on her cheek. We tried the hot compress thing and then finally resorted to surgery when it kept coming back.

    The vet said he didn't find anything like what he was expecting... it wasn't a true abscess, it wasn't a tumor, it wasn't in the bone, he just said it was "strange" and "I've never seen anything like it before".

    So then she had this little hole that drained for a bit and she took antibiotics for a couple weeks and it healed up, never came back and she lived to the good old age of 16 and 1/2!

    I hope Sadie's goes away without all the fuss!

  5. i hope sadie feels better soon! i will have to tell you my exploding belly button story sometime.

    good luck sneaking out for a run- poor sadie. she's going to know- and she's going to make you feel bad. :)

  6. Scott, just read this post... and with the update... i'm SO glad you updated about Sadie; when i first read it i was freakin'. i hope the antibiotics do their thing quick and she's back to her happy self soon.

    You know i totally know how you were feeling... keep us updated on her progress. Poor li'l punkin'... *HUGS* to her.

  7. Thanks for the update - hope she is better soon.

  8. oh sadie. i'm sending some positive vibes on your way! i sure hope she will get well soon, and know how challenging it will be for you to sneak out...

  9. Poor dog! I will be thinking of her and sending positive dog thoughts her way!