31 July 2007

My Biscuits are Burning

Schedule called for a shorter run but it was such a nice nice day and I got off work at the perfect time to take off to the trails. So we headed to the trails. Was going to do my staple run - the 5.5 mile loop - but it was such a nice nice day and I got to the top of the loop at the perfect time to keep on heading up another trail. So we headed up the mountain for a few more miles to one of my favorite places in the Palouse. There's a view from an overlook that is hard to beat. On a clear day you can see three states - WA, ID, OR. My camera phone took this (less than) spectacular image.

I wanted to keep going but I have a super long run coming up this weekend and decided I shouldn't kill myself this early in the week. On the way back I took a detour on what turned out to be an absolutely killer section of the trail. It was a steep downhill that just drained any energy I had left. A serious burn. Oh well. It was worth it. I'll try to cut back my run tomorrow to make up for it. Unless it's a nice nice day. :)

So from the looks of the results from the quiz on my previous post it seems that no one really knows me. Heck, even my wife bombed it. Okay, maybe it was a bit difficult. I even went back to take it myself and got a few wrong.

Today - ~10 miles

Let's have a great week!



  1. Dude- who ARE you?! i scored a 40 on your quiz!

    nice run today! i love it when you feel like you have to keep going because it's too nice to waste it. bummer about your biscuits, though.

    what's your weekend race? i don't see it listed to the side!

  2. Yes I bombed it too...but I still like you...after all now that we are running buddies....

    You are so lucky to have those kinds of views and trails to run on in your area....I'm jealous. Makes me want to move to Colorado all the more.

    Careful on those steep downhills...

  3. Is that the trail we ran last November in the snow? Great view! And I wish I had some downhills around here...

  4. I haven't taken the quiz yet -- test anxiety. Great job on the 10 unplanned miles. Who are you people who set out for something shorter but feel so good you keep going? I almost NEVER feel like that. Of course, if I had that kind of view close by, my perspective might be altered.

  5. Sounds like a great run to me. The best runs are the ones where you get lost in the experience of running and forget unimportant things...like where the hell am I???

  6. Well that makes me feel better that even your wife bombed :P

    Total new respect for you running on those trails. I'll yak about it later when I post :P

    ROFLMAO you call 10 miles a "shorter run"?!?

  7. Wow... talk about ambition! Nice job Scott!

  8. Man, you have some great running trails out there! I think we do as well but I just haven't hit the trails yet. You are the man!

  9. Awesome run! I would want to curl up and die after a mile, so I have no idea how you just feel so great you just want to keep on going! LOL Maybe some day ;)

  10. Next time you come out to CA, let me know... i take you to a bunch o'beaches. Scott, you haven't lived till you've run along the sea on giving, packed sand!

  11. Hey Scott can you email the details of how you got the photo into your blog title area and how you changed the font there?