25 December 2009

Holiday Running

Christmas Eve and Christmas runs.

Snow crunch

Winter sky

Late afternoon sun above Pullman

A road trip into the Snowless Valley.
Still freezing, but I almost felt like it wasn't winter.

Christmas on the trails.
Sadie doesn't care how cold it is as long as there's a trail.

Happy Holidays to all my friends!


15 December 2009

Off Season

Blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures and an empty race calendar. Easy miles the past couple weeks. Just nice and easy miles.

My brother is getting married in Houston in February. The Austin Marathon is the next day. We're going to try to make it a family affair.

December and January aren't my favorite training months. I don't think it's just the snow (though it does make it harder to put in long miles) - I think it is the low temperatures. I'm convinced that my left knee is allergic to anything below 20 degrees. So I'm expecting some tough miles for the next couple of months. And some photos, too.

Keep running!