30 June 2019

RIP Sadie the Ultra Dog

Rest In Peace
July 2006-June 2019

I got Sadie when she was a puppy in 2006, almost a year before I started running seriously.  I wanted a high-energy dog that would force me to stay active.

We began running regularly when I decided to train for my first marathon in 2007.  From early on, it was clear that she was born to run trails (and herd sledders on snowy hills).

She even joins me during dog-friendly ultramarathons.  She's completed several 50k races and has been as far as 47 miles in a single day.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Sadie over the years.

Out on the trails at a young age.

Paradise Point, Moscow Mt., ID

Hells Canyon

Aneroid Mt., OR

Moscow Mt., ID

Heyburn State Park, ID

Moscow Mt., ID

Southern Utah - 2008

At the park

Humphreys Peak, AZ - 2008

Chipman Trail, Pullman, WA

Goblin Valley 50k - 2010

Sadie and her tennis ball
(photo courtesy of Aaron Whiteman)

Video of a 42-mile trail run with Sadie in the Wallowa Mountains - Sept 2012.

Mount Timpanogos, UT - 2014

Bald Mountain, UT - 2014

Uintas, UT - 2015

Sadie's last hike - June 17, 2019