22 June 2011

Palouse Double 2011

There's less writing and more running this time of the year.  I'm enjoying it. Spring has been slow to come around, and now it's already summer. We're rejoicing today that temperatures in Pullman might reach 80 degrees for the first time in what seems like years. It's been a cold, wet year so far.  But fun.

This past weekend was the second annual Palouse Double. This is a low-key, local race meant to be free and fun. Day 1 was on my home trails of Moscow Mt., ID. Day 2 was on a beautiful trail in Colfax, WA.

I was shooting for about 55 miles for the two days combined, but when I hit 47.5 I was satisfied and took a seat to rest. Sadie ran 45.25 for the weekend and has been a tired little pup.

I'm off to Seattle this weekend for another double - Seattle RnR Marathon on Saturday, and Bellevue Ghost Marathon on Sunday. Then a 50 or two next month. Pikes Peak (I'm so excited!) in August. And if things go as planned, my first mountain 100 in September: The Bear.

Here are a few photos from the Palouse Double.

Early starters.

Sweet single track.

Cold (40's) and wet.

Logging roads.

Dropping down onto some more single track.
Aid/rest station.

Loving my Brooks Cascadia 6.

Sadie taking a break in the middle of 30+ miles.

Nice :)

Cold Sunday morning.

But a little more sun on Sunday.

Colfax Trail

Colfax River. Some great views from this trail.

Colfax Trail along the river.

Keep running!