01 December 2015

Summer faded into an off-season

I haven't been running much in the last couple months. We moved into a new house last month, and working on the house has been taking up most of my free time. And that was after our move-in date was delayed a month but our apartment we had been living in would not give us an extension on our lease (argh!) so we had to go through the hassle of moving all of our stuff into storage and then living in an air-bnb and then hotel for a month. It wasn't fun. (But we love the new house!)

So basically I've been in a forced off-season. My legs feel too rested though, and I've put on a few more pounds than is usual for my off-season. But things have finally settled down...so back to work!

In other news:
I have picked my overseas race for 2016. I'll be traveling to Hong Kong in late February for the MSIG Sai Kung 50k

More to come!