17 July 2007


I think I may like this running thing. Yee-haw.

Today was my first hill specific run. My training schedule has "suggested" hills before (4-5 hill repeats 150-200 yards long at 5K pace) but I've always just gone on a regular run because I'm on hills anyway. But today I found a hill and did the repeats at a 5K pace. Since I've never run a 5K before I'm not sure what my 5K pace is, so I just tried to run fast. The hill is maybe 150 yards long and is part of a loop around one of the parks in town. I took the pups and went slow around the loop and then hard up the hill. The loop is probably 1/3 mile long, but I'm not sure. I did 5 loops and a cool-down jog on another path connecting to the park.

My legs felt good and I wanted to run more. I think this is why I've never done these hill repeats before because it's kind of a short workout. I'll see if it pays off on my long run this weekend.

Today: approx. 2 miles

I took a few photos also:

Standing at the top of the hill.
The loop goes around this park.

Shasta (left) and Sadie (right) getting
some quality water time after the run.

On the cool-down path. Yes, the
sprinkler is watering the pond...

Keep running!



  1. What a pretty run. I don't run as far as you, but I do enjoy it.

  2. Ah, the sprinkler on the golf course behind my house is frequently watering the canal. I guess that's how they get refilled...

  3. Great job on the hills. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Love it. i need to challenge myself more these days, i've been in a little bit of a running rut. There is a race tomorrow, a 5K at 6:15 p.m. in a really hot part of "town," here but i think i'm gonna pass and run a morning race this Sunday on the coast to help our Blood Bank... thank you for more inspiration. i get such a great vibe from you! THANKS!! Keep on running!

  5. Hill workouts are good. Best to keep them short to start with and not to hurt yourself. There are so many hills where I live I have to search harder for a flat recovery run. Such is life!

  6. ROFLMAO I love me some hillbillies!!

    Yeah, I'm still working on those hills . . . .not really LMAO! My HM is going to be a disaster YeeeeHhhhaaaawwww :P

  7. Great job on the hills and great pictures too!

  8. hey that's my neighborhood. :) those sprinklers are insane- the pond is getting very deep as a result of the constant flow of water they receive!

    i did some fartlekking today, but i've not done concentrated hill repeats. i should try that. i have the same problem with short workouts- it just feels weird. :)

  9. Hills kick my butt. The only hills I have done in the last year have been on a treadmill.. mostly due to the location I was living. No hills what-so-ever in GF, ND. Awful!

    Nice job, Scott!

  10. Add a couple a miles before and after the hills if you really feel like you need to run longer, LOL!

    The sprinkler is classic.