12 July 2007


I think I figured out why yesterday's run was so darn blah. It was because Sadie didn't go with me. Turns out she basically pulls me the entire run when she's on the leash, so yesterday was the first time I actually ran on my own with no assistance. See, I bought a couple new pairs of running shoes a few months back... ...and it turns out that those little wheels on the bottom have been helping me more than I've thought. Today I went on the exact same 6 mile route that I did yesterday, only this time Sadie came with me. (She's feeling better.) She pulls me up the hills and down the hill, well, that's been my strong point lately. This new shoes have been great. I found that they work best on those slick grocery store floors. Yep, my grocery shopping time has been cut in half. They don't work as well on the trail, though.

And of course to mess with the progress I'm making on the roads the running gods have a trail race on tap for me this weekend. Go figure. It should be a fun weekend no matter what. Well, half fun. I have to be back to work on Sunday. :(

Today: 6 miles (very hot, but cloud cover was a nice reprieve)

Off to Brundage Mountain and McCall, Idaho!



  1. I could have used those wheels on the hills today. At least on the downhill sections. I'm not convinced they'd be much help on the climb.

  2. Have fun this weekend! Sadie gets to go too, right?

  3. Now I know what that Tina Turner song was talking about; "Rollin, rollin, rollin down the..."

    Do you think I can order a pair form Zappos.com? If they come in yellow I'm ordering two, one for each foot. When I'm on the trail I'll just wear one so I can be stable half the time...

  4. If only Sadie could join you on the trail this weekend for your race. Now that would be cool.

    BTW - those shoes drive me crazy!! My son had a pair and I was SO glad when he out grew them.

    Have fun at the race!!

  5. When I run with my dog, he just pulls me in circles. But I have to admit, he does help with speed work!

  6. Those don't look like trail approved shoes. I like the idea of running the flats and being pulled on any type of incline while rolling down the hill. I think I might buy me a pair.

  7. LMAO!!! Dang I NEED those!!! Crafty, crafty you are :P

    You'll do GREAT this weekend!! Can't wait for that report!! ;D

  8. My son has those..and what a PITA they are if you hit any rocks, so I know you didn't use those on a trail run...pavement only!!

    I also have a girl scout that fell and broker her wrist, so be CAREFUL :p

    I'm glad Sadie helped you out today!

    Good luck this weekend!

  9. Sweet.. I want a pair of those!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Those new shoes are pretty slick.
    Glad to hear that you lost the blah feeling. Looking forward to reading about that little trail race.