10 July 2007

Easy Does It

Today was a scheduled 6 mile run. All day I told myself I was going to take the day off just to be on the safe side in response to the knee pain I had at the end of Sunday's run. After work I told myself I would just go for a short walk with the dogs. On the drive to the path I told myself I would walk for at least 2 miles. On the path I figured I might as well just run it because the knee felt fine and why do all this driving around just to go on a walk. So I ended up running a crisp 2.5 miles. That's a logical sequence, right?

Thanks for all the advice about the knee pain. It felt fine today, but I guess I really wasn't expecting it to have any pain in such a short distance anyway. I'm taking some ibuprofen and icing it and will probably take it easy all this week. I have my trail race on Saturday and I want to be sure that I'm at 100% for it. Cross my fingers that the knee won't be an issue...

My conclusion about the knee pain on Sunday is that I was just pushing it too hard on the uphills on a distance I'd never run before, especially when I was feeling so strong approaching mile 12. This is a lesson to learn from. I don't want to not run hills on my long runs, mostly because the flat routes around here are either boring or not dog-friendly, and I just really have come to like running hills. So I don't think I'll shy away from the hills completely on my long runs, but I will definitely (attempt to) pace myself better on the ups.

Today: 2.5 miles

It's getting hot again this week. I'll try to keep running though. :)


The bumper sticker I received in the mail today from my father-in-law:

I showed Sadie and she immediately started licking her...well, you get the idea.


  1. Crisp 2.5 miles? how do you get crisp? ;)

    Great litte run for you..glad it felt ok and your icing!

  2. What tha . .you LIKE to run hills? Maniac LOL

    Nik, he deep dries himself in hot oil :P That's how.

    I'm glad the knee felt fine :-) Let's hope it doesn't give you any more probs after making those adjustments!

  3. *excuse me . . . I meant "fries" :P

  4. Have you read Jon Katz's books? Read "A Dog Year" if you haven't already. I suspect that as a Border Collie owner, you will appreciate his stories about his Border Collies. They ARE smart dogs, and I think they're just giving out those "honor student" bumper stickers; I don't think those kids are special :)

  5. Don't forget lots of stretching!!!

    Good luck on the trails this weekend!! I wish you a pain-free race.

    Crisp in this heat??? No way!

  6. Glad the knee is okay! Crisp? I'm not crisp unless it's 50 or below...which doesn't happen all that often here.

  7. I need a copy of that bumper sticker. Where did you find it?

  8. I like your plan - don't give up on hills, they sneak them into too many marathons. Just work your way up to them.

    I'm feeling hot here on the west side - 97 right now, so I can only imagine what you've got going on!