29 November 2011

Winter Running in Snow and Mud and Dark

No racing lately (and not much blogging), but lots of running. Winter is coming fast, so this is the time of year when I try to sneak in as many trail and mountains runs as I can before there's too much snow to run on them.

I also discovered an exciting new trail in Asotin Creek Canyon that's only about an hour drive from me. Sadie and I plan to explore the canyon much more in the spring.

I had a nice holiday break in Salt Lake City and Boise, and despite eating more pie than was probably good for me (Who am I kidding? It was SO GOOD for me!) I was able to put some good miles in.

Sadie hurt her front left leg a few weeks ago - I think it was from chasing the tennis ball - so she got several days off and skipped three Saturday long runs with me. She hasn't limped for two weeks and seems to be doing fine after 50+ miles last week, so I think she's all healed up now. 

Next up on the schedule are the two Pullman Winter Ultra 50k's and a trip to Texas for the Christmas/New Year holiday that will include running a marathon with my sister on New Year's Eve.

Enjoy some photos from the past few weeks:

First snow on Moscow Mt.
Lower sections nice and clear still.

Higher sections much snowier.

Sadie loves snow more than any dog or human
I've ever seen in my life!

Enjoying first tracks on a Saturday morning mountain run.

Bighorns on my first trip down to the Asotin Creak canyon trail.

First impression. Not bad. I expect to put some
good miles on this trail next year.
(You can see snow at the top of the canyon.)

Ripping down the canyon.
(photo courtesy of my buddy Aaron Whiteman.)

Beautiful weather at the trailhead. It's deceptively winter though;
only a few miles in and a thousand feet gain there is snow covering the trail.

This is how dark it is when I get off work now.

My new favorite trainers for the off-trail days: Brooks Pure Flow.
Two huge thumbs up.

What's winter without a seasonal porter?
Palouse Falls Polar Porter is tasty.

Q: What's the first thing you do after hours of
driving to get to your dad's place in Utah?
A: Give him a hug and say hi.
Q: What's the second thing you do?
A: Take Sadie for a run below the Wasatch Mts.

Early-morning visit to the mountains.

Wasatch mountain running.

Wasatch mountain running.

Looks like I'm not the biggest cat on the mountain.

Pure Mud.

And I was trying to avoid the mud puddles.

With dad in the mountains. Hard to beat this.

Dad pointing to his favorite trails.

Keep running!


01 November 2011

Autumn Warming

The colors have turned and the air has chilled and the miles keep ticking away. 

I love running.