25 July 2007

Call Me Crazy (seriously)

For the past couple months my dad and I have been casually discussing what would be the first ultra marathon that we run together. The last couple weeks it has gotten a bit serious. We were thinking we would wait for something in the spring when I would for sure be ready for one. Well, we both don't want to wait until spring, so we've been on the lookout for something before then, something either near me or near him (he lives in Washington DC). We found one and sent in our race applications today for the:

JFK 50 Mile Run, November 17, 2007.

This looks like a great one for a first one. I think it's the largest ultra in the United States. One of the oldest, too. Sounds like it is a wonderfully organized event. Lot's of aid stations. Relatively easy course (for a 50 miler). Lot's of support. I feel good about it. It will be just over a month after the Portland Marathon so I don't have any illusions that I'll be in great ultra-running shape, or even good ultra-running shape, but I do think I'll be in shape enough to finish it. And that's the goal. Finish it. Call me crazy. Seriously.

I doubt I'm the first person to ever sign up for an ultra without having even completed a regular marathon. But I've been so inspired by some of the runners out there in blog land and how they've tested themselves and pushed themselves in whatever they're running - especially those crazy nuts running the ultras. So much so that I just can't wait to do the same. So there it is. (Boy am I going to feel silly if I totally bonk at Portland...)

Back to the now - Sadie and I hit some trails up on Moscow Mt. this evening. I felt good and Sadie felt tired. She didn't chase as many squirrels as usual. Don't know the exact distance but I'm guessing around 7 miles. Did my regular ~5.5 mile Headwaters Loop plus some.

Today - 7 miles

JFK 50...ah man, I'm feeling the pressure already.



  1. ohhhhh actually committed on paper! Great job :) You can do it!...especially with your dad along for the ride!

    Glad Sadie got out and about..off to read if she is off meds :)

  2. Go over and ask Elizabeth about the course - she ran it last year.


    Good luck!

  3. First thanks for the laughs this morning. I see all these "OMG she's so nasty" comments and then Scott to the rescue "She's a sexy sexy woman" HAHAHAHHAA

    That's pretty hardcore! And yes you are crazy! :P ;-) I think no matter what it will most definitely be an experience. Are you going to run hard at the marathon? Or back off a bit since you know you have the ultra soon after? I'm actually REALLY excited for you! I want to see how this all plays out ;D

  4. Welcome to the world of the running insane :-) I am going through a quandary of wanting to do a Half Ironman six weeks before my first marathon, and I'm probably going to take the easy way out.

    With that said, go kick some arse. You are right. There isn't anything holding you back...

  5. That sounds like so much fun! I would think that would be a great race to run (if I were insane enough to want to run ultras :P) And you couldn't ask for a better running partner for your virgin race! LOL

  6. Crazy. There, I followed your directions. Do I get a gold star?

  7. An ultra before your first marathon. Ok. You're crazy.

  8. Whoo that's right in my backyard! Way to make it official by sending in the apps. 50 miles seems daunting, but you'll be fine if you train. But yea...you are so crazy.

  9. Yes!!!... Another soul handed over to the devilish Ultras. I don’t think you are crazy at all. Remember that I am already nuts so everyone pretty much seems normal to me no matter what they say.

    Wished that you were doing the same event that my girls and I are doing. We had contacted someone with the JFK asking a million questions before deciding. Basically the Mount Masochist is much closer and would not require as much travel time. We have an awesome plan we are following if you need any info. I know you have your dad but I thought I would offer. Also I have a list of inspirational Ultra books if you need any good reading for the days when you totally question why you do what you do. These days will come so be ready for the little monsters.

    Wow... I am SO excited for you. No doubt that you will totally rock this event…good or bad.

  10. I don't see your email address on your profile page. Send me a note at


    I will load you up with what I have.

  11. wow. i'm impressed! that will be so cool! how fun that you get to run it with your dad?!

  12. That will be sooooooo cool for you two! VERY COOL!


  13. You be CRAZY.. (the good kind):)

  14. that one looks like a really good first one. Lots of people jump straight onto the ultra circuit. You definitely do well since you'll have a great racing partner with you.