15 July 2007

My "Day After" Run

I was pretty sore and tired today - but still had my runner's high from yesterday's race. Had to be at work at 7:30am (on a Sunday!!) and by the time the workday was ending I was seriously thinking about just skipping my run because, well, because it would be the easy thing to do. And it's still pretty hot. And we had a house warming bbq to go to. But I sucked it up and squeezed in a run before we went and was of course glad that I did.

So Sadie and I headed out for a nice and easy 5 mile run on a relatively flat route. My legs felt fine after they loosened up around mile 1. This route is where I usually go on my easy days or my recovery runs. It's an out and back that alternates between asphalt and gravel, with a bit of dirt trail stuck in the middle. The photo is of a little "bridge" that makes me extremely nervous every time I run over it because it bends more than you want a bridge you're on to bend. Below it is about a five foot drop off where Sadie can climb down and take a dip and drink.

Yesterday's trail race was very exciting to me. It confirmed that I definitely prefer the trails to the road. I can't wait until I get into real shape so I can attempt a trail ultra. I hope I don't get my hopes up too high when I haven't even run a normal marathon yet. :) But hey, this time last year I wouldn't have even imagined that I'd be able to go on runs of 15 miles or do 11 mile trail races on mountains. So I'm confident that if I continue to train that by this time next year I will be able to run at least 3,000 miles across the USA. :) Okay, I admit, I think I'm still a bit delirious from yesterday....

Today: 5 miles

Rest day tomorrow - which means yard work. :(



  1. Hey Scott - good job on the trail race! I hope the runner's high buzz hangs around for a few more days. It's great to bask a little and celebrate especially in light of where your feet have taken you over the past year.

    You're a rock star.

  2. I know what you mean. If you had told me back in April I'd be on long runs of 10 miles I would've been like "how? with a friggen bag of morphine" Just think, next year 11 and 15 miles will seem like what 3-4 miles are to you now.

    Look at Robin, she talks about 20 milers like they're a stroll in the park LOL

  3. Your perception of distance and elevation will definitely change over the next year. No doubt that you will be running a trail ultra next year. The tough part will be deciding which one to choose as your first.

    Congrats on the trail race. The photos are great. Looks like a beautiful area.

  4. Well, you're braver than I b/c I wouldn't necessarily refer to two 2X4's as a "bridge." That's what holds up my books, not my body. Careful running on that thing. Can Sadie drag your body back to safety?

  5. Go Scott go....running across the U.S. be careful or someone will up and rename you Forrest Gump.

    Some of these runs do make you feel as if you can conquer the world though.

  6. it's so true- but still- 14 mile runs feel like a lot at the time. :) i can't imagine putting in that mileage on trails!!! i would run into a tree- or large animal.

  7. YOU are a machine!!! Glad o hear that you did not skip the recovery run. Ttrails are so much more forgiving than road races. You legs I am sure are telling you that.

    ROCK ON :)!!!!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog, and I have to say... very interesting (in a good way)!

  9. Great job sqqqqquuuueeeezing it in! That is determination...i lack that alot ;)

    Pesshhhh ...that is a bridge if I have ever seen one ;)

  10. Yard work doesn't sound much like a rest day. And oddly the run across America holds a certain appeal.

    Running a road marathon shouldn't be a requirement for running an ultra (50K) on the trails. Go for it.

  11. Scott, love the new layout! Hope you enjoy the day off, you have earned it!

    i love trail running! There IS nothing else in my mind...

  12. Congrats on that trail run. Sounds like it was a tough one alright. You've come a long way and if you keep it up I'll bet you'll be running that ultra trial before long.

    Pleased that there's no more trouble with the knee.

    Love the fresh new look of the blog.

  13. That bridge sounds mighty scarry! I don't know if I would be able to handle it!

    It's okay to have ambitions... it's what keep us going, right?