22 August 2014

Mount Olympus Marathon (Photo Report)

Our life has been a whirlwind since we returned from Greece in early July. Annie accepted a job at the University of Utah, and we packed up everything we own and moved to Salt Lake City on July 29th. Things have finally settled down enough for me to post some photos from the Mount Olympus Marathon in Greece.

It was an amazing race and near the top of the list of the most difficult mile-for-mile races I've ever done. Run to the top (just below the summit) of Greece's highest mountain, and then run down. And throw in some gnarly, technical, high-mountain rock-trail.

Loved the race, loved the atmosphere, loved the mountain. Didn't love that at a couple of the aid stations I wasn't allowed any coke or sports drink because I wasn't carrying my own cup. The website made no mention that this was a cupless race and even went as far as saying specifically that there were absolutely no gear requirements. Some aid station volunteers let me borrow their own cup or poured sports drink into my cupped hands; so many thanks to them!  Anyway, I had a pretty bad bonk around mile 22 after two consecutive aid stations wouldn't give me anything to drink besides water for my hydration pack. In retrospect, I should have asked to put sports drink in my hydration pack instead of water when I was really, really needing it...but I wasn't thinking that clearly. Ugh. Lesson learned. The important thing is that I finished, and then we went on to have a wonderful vacation in Greece.

Deep into my bonk.

(photo from Mount Olympus Race Facebook page)