30 January 2008

Off to Texas

The plan is to at least start the 50 mile option with my dad and go as long as I can with him. I haven't tested my knee much the past couple week in hopes of rest being the miracle worker.

I'll post live updates just like I did for the JFK 50 in November for those who are interested.

Weather is horrible in eastern Washington and I'm crossing my fingers that my flight will get out okay. If you hear from me before Saturday then it's probably a bad sign.

Rocky Raccoon here we come!


20 January 2008

Running with Snow

In the back of my head I've been entertaining the possibility that I can still run Rocky Raccoon in a couple weeks. Not the 100, but the 50 mile option (with my dad). Two weeks before my first 50 Km in September I was having similar issues with my right knee. A week before that race I did a test run and was able to go twenty miles relatively pain free. And even during the race the knee started acting up around mile six but I pushed through and when I finished there was no knee pain. In fact, since then I haven't had a single issue with my right knee.

My left knee is the issue now. I took it (my knee) for a mini test run yesterday and went six miles with less than exciting results. Though Sadie was semi-excited to go on a decent run, she still wants more. And my knee still needs more time.

Most of me is saying I need to just go down to Texas to cheer on my dad and don't even attempt to start the race. But a little part of me is thinking, "Hmmm, if I was able to push through it during a tough 50 Km a few months ago maybe I can push through it again." The Rocky course will be less demanding and time cut-offs really won't be an issue so I could go as slow as I need. Since it's a loop course the RD says as long as they're still supporting runners doing the 100 then he doesn't see why those doing the 50 can't stay on the course. So it's an extremely generous 29 hour cut-off. And I'd like to be on the course with my dad instead of on the sidelines.

As much as I'm trying to talk myself into at least giving the 50 a shot, I really want to have the willpower to skip it and focus on my April race in Spokane, which will give me the time to more slowly build up my running for the rest of the year.

In other news, several issues (specific dates, travel issues, etc) have led to my decision not the run the Comrades Marathon in South Africa this summer. This year isn't the right year for this specific race. This doesn't, however, mean I'm not making an international race trip this year. It just won't be the Comrades. I haven't used my passport in a couple years now and I'm itching bad. Right now I am looking at a July ultra in Iceland. Yes, Iceland. The Laugavegur Ultra Marathon. The timing is much better and, as a significant bonus, it's a trail run (Comrades is a road run). More details to come.

Keep running!


15 January 2008


I've run a mile or two here and there with no knee pain. That's the good news. The bad news is that Sadie is on the verge of disowning me. After a year of constant running she's become quite spoiled. She told me the other night that if we don't go on a run of at least twenty miles in the next two weeks then she's going to file the necessary paperwork to get a new owner.

In the meantime, we play in the snow.

She loves the Frisbee

Look how buff I am. Wait, maybe
that's just the seven layers I'm wearing...

I'm looking forward to my trip down to Texas in a couple weeks to see everyone I haven't seen for nearly a couple years (Hi, Mom!) and to watch my dad run the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile.

Keep running!

08 January 2008

Note From the Doctor

Dear Scott,

Hi, I am your doctor. I just wanted to tell you that you're pretty awesome and thanks so much for choosing me. Doctors aren't usually flattered, but I must admit I was blushing a bit to know that you picked me.

First of all, did I mention you were awesome?

Secondarily, about that knee thing of yours - don't worry about it. You're so awesome that you'll be fine.

Thirdily, here's a list of all the drugs you need to take just to make sure the knee is "really" okay. (Know what I mean? wink wink)

Fourdly, no matter how good your knee is feeling I advise you to take it easy with your running for a year or so. Why so long? Our practice requires us to advise patients on the ridiculously conservative side so we don't get sued.

In conclusion, you're without a doubt the coolest cat I've had as a patient in a really long time.

With a warm heart (and warm hands),

Your Doctor


Stretch your hammies, take A LOT more ibuprofen than you're taking now, and try some inserts - you have relatively high arches.


He basically confirmed what I've been assuming for the past few weeks. Runner's knee. He said I should start taking 12 ibuprofens a day (or 4 Alleve) to really work o
n the inflammation. A couple/few a day wasn't enough. I'll try out some inserts to see about the semi-high arches that I just found out I had.

So overall very pleasing news. He said it wasn't even necessary to get into the x-ray/MRI stage. He had me do a bunch of motions and flexes and squatting and doctory sort of stuff and was sure there was no knee damage.

I'll continue to rest and this weekend I'll go out for a stroll to see if the Alleve-overdosing is helping. If my one mile jog on Saturday feels good then I think I'll be safe for thirty or so mile on Sunday. Right? ;)

Keep running! I'll be out there soon.


04 January 2008

My Knee and the Semi-Frowny Emoticon

I hear a low hum in the back of my head. I think it's my body trying to say something to me. "Take it easy!" I will not be running the Rocky Raccoon 100 in four weeks. There's no way. In the weeks since the JFK 50 I have done lot's of resting and very little running. When I do run I can't go more than five miles without a nagging pain. My longest outing since the 50 was the 8th on the 8th - and you all saw how long that took me. I'll still be making the trip to the Rocky Raccoon to support my dad in his 50 mile attempt.

This is the same pain I had in my other knee this summer. I'm pretty sure it's just fatigue - aka Runner's Knee. This summer I was able to rest for a couple weeks and then I was back to normal. My holiday resting hasn't done the same trick, though. I took last week off completely. Icing, massaging, stretching, ibuprofen. But no running for seven days. I went out on New Year's Day eager to see if the fatigue and inflammation had passed, but it hadn't. Same results - felt good for 3+ miles and then all of a sudden the pain.

I've made the decision, though, that since this is now the seventh consecutive week that I've been unable to get any solid running in I should go see a doctor just in case. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a quick visit with a pat on the back and a "just take a couple more weeks off and then you'll be right as rain." I did have arthroscopic surgery on this knee about some cartilage when I was in high school some fifteen years ago. I wouldn't think this has anything to do with the current pain. I tried to get in with a sports medicine guy that a few people recommended...but I needed to get a referral from a general practitioner first. And since I don't have a doctor (I haven't needed one since we moved to Washington four years ago) I had to find an in-network guy who was networked to sports medicine guy that works at a facility networked together with networking tape. And even the networking tape will cost me. Geez. If we aren't beat down enough already...

Though it's a bit frustrating that I haven't been able to run consistently of late, I understand that maybe an extended rest might be the best thing for me at this point.

Keep (thinking about) Running!