11 July 2007

Things to Do in Pullman When You're Dead


That's what I felt like today. Simply and completely blah. Maybe it was the heat (mid 90's) or the lingering fatigue from Sunday's big run or a combination of the two. Or maybe it was that this was my first run without Sadie. Poor puppy was not feeling well and I didn't want to take her out in the heat. But I'm guessing the real reason for today's blahness was my body's way of telling me it was much happier as a couch potato. "Seriously, what's with all this running?" it kept asking me each step I took. Midway through the run I realized I didn't have a good answer. Not today, at least.


The run was a 6 mile loop that I hadn't done in a few weeks. It starts off with about a mile and a half climb followed by about 2 miles of rolling hills before it settles into relatively gradual flatness. If on yesterday's run I was "crisp," then today's run I was "toast" by the 3rd mile. After that, the only motivation to keep running was to get home faster so I didn't have to run anymore.


With that said, it turned out being one of those runs where you are ultimately glad you went on. You know, those days when you absolutely don't want to get out on the road and you make yourself do it anyway and when you get home there is almost enough satisfaction in that to overcome how terrible your body feels. Almost.

double blah...

I am happy to report that there has been absolutely no pain in my right knee these past three days. I'm hoping for a good run tomorrow and then it's off to McCall, ID for a weekend of camping and trail running. But that's if I don't decide to quit running and revisit my inner couch potato before then. :)

Today: 6 miles

Hope everyone keeps running despite my (anti-keep running?) post today.

blah blah blah


(Am I doing a decent job of being a sourpuss today or can you see right through me to my unflinching and irresistible charm?)


  1. Good thing there's no more knee pain. Praise Jesus!

    (Can you see past my fake religiosity to my irresitible sarcasm and cynicism?)

  2. You know, I was beginning to wonder about you LOL. Even though you've had that knee pain. You never seem to biotch about how you had a suck-o running day (unlike me who is constantly whining about something LOL). You are human afterall :P I'm sorry it was crappy. At least you pulled it though!! Sometimes those are the best runs. Finishing when you REALLY don't want too.

    And yes we totally can see right through you LOL

  3. Maybe not the best run, but in the end, one of the more satisfying ones. And, one that will pay off sometime, somewhere in a marathon. When you hit the wall and you think you can't do it, you'll remember the crappy run and how you slogged through it. Works for me anyway.

    And poor Sadie - our dog kept looking at me with those sad, sad eyes - she wanted a walk but she was limp as a noodle. We finally went out about 8:45 last night, once the temp dropped to the mid-80s. She was happy then!

  4. ROFLMAO Jess!!

    Scott, i think your so see through your plastic :p

    Your better then me..it was 96.8 last night and I DIDN't GO! :-X That kind of heat is sooo wayyy out there for us(north pole remember) that I was done by dinner(5pm).

    Crisp to toast...hmm..your sounding like a piece of food!

  5. We watched the Badwater 135 mile Ultra documentary last night "Running On The Sun". Very motivating. I went out and ran 9 miles this morning even though I could barely get out of bed with my herniated disc acting up again. No excuses. RFM (Relentless Forward Motion). Your run yesterday and mine this morning are of the kind that define us. Not the easy runs where it feels like we are floating across the roads or trails with no pain. Though I live for those endorphin runs. I can't wait to read your weekend report. Hope Sadie is feeling well enough to run with you in McCall!


  6. "the only motivation to keep running was to get home faster so I didn't have to run anymore"

    --I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!

  7. Ok, I'll admit I'm drunk but that;s cool, right! Iay! Okay, moving Obe!

  8. Scott, thank you for your comments about Mattie! That was really cool to read.

    Hope you are feeling a whole lot better than "blah" by the time you read this, Mr. Charming, or shall we call you "Prince"?

    Most of Idaho is prime training grounds for outdoors stuff like running and hiking... ENJOY!