25 April 2013

On the Trail Again

I've been given the go-ahead by my physical therapist to start some light running again.  Finally. Four weeks off because of some annoying Achilles tendinitis had me a little stir crazy.  

In the last week, I've been on five easy runs ranging from two miles to ten miles.  The painful burning (tendinitis) is gone, but there is still some lingering tightness. 

I'm told that more massage and more light running with help loosen up the tightness.  So my fingers are crossed that I'll be up to full speed before I head off to Germany in a month. My catchphrase over the past week has been "cautiously optimistic." 

Here are a few photos from my Sunday run with Buzz and Sadie.

Keep running!


08 April 2013

Kamiak Butte Trail Series

Spring is here. Snow is melting.  The Kamiak Butte Trail Series starts this week!

I scouted the trail yesterday to make sure it was in decent post-winter shape -- and everything looks to be in great shape.

It was a nice day to capture some photos of the course.

Keep running!


03 April 2013

Views From The Palouse

Three photos from above the Palouse River near Colfax, WA. Steptoe Butte is seen in the background.  Still no running this last week, but I was able to get my bike out for a few miles to get these shots.

Keep running!