24 June 2010

Wandering Fever

There's a new film coming out (soon?) called Wandering Fever.  It follows South African ultrarunner Ryan Sandes over the course of a couple years as he races each of the deserts  of the 4 Deserts competition - and wins them, I believe.  It's getting me (even more) excited about my attempt at one of the 4 deserts in Chile next March.

Check out the teaser trailer:

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20 June 2010

Easy Does It

Did a hard, fast 5 miles on Tuesday and my body said "Whoaaa!  Slow it down.  Give me a break here."  So I took it nice and easy the rest of the week to give my legs some rest -- probably a good idea since I have a marathon coming up in a couple weeks.

Not getting much sleep as I've been waking up early to watch the World Cup.  If I could be a super-athlete in any sport it would be figure skating...but after that it would be soccer/football.

Running in the rain is fun!

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16 June 2010

Vancouver Skyline 50k - race report

Amidst a little vacation to Seattle and British Columbia (seaweed hot-dogs, sushi, more sushi, cheeses, beer and more beer, salty Persian yogurt sodas, killer whales, sunshine, rainy rain forests, Shakespeare on a beach, bungee jumping, etc.) I did another 50k - the Vancouver Skyline XTC 50k.

And dogs were allowed to run, so Sadie participated in her first "official" 50k.  (Vancouver is such a dog-friendly city!) Streams and creeks were plentiful and Sadie dove in whenever she had the chance.  It makes me happy seeing her run.

It was a fun event with some great trails and beautiful views.  This event was unique because there were no course markings on the trails.  You either knew the course, or you had to print and carry several pages of turn-by-turn instructions.  I only got lost twice.  It was an out-and-back course, so navigation on the way back was much easier.

The climbs and rocks and roots and mud and scenic views made for a fun day: 

Pre-race stretching.

Sadie's inexperience showing as she wanted to stay with the leaders early on.

Steep climbs.

Wet, rocky climbs.

Capilano Lake was one of the many highlights of the course.

Sadie enjoyed all the water.

Sweet single track.

Amazing views.

These rooty sections were fun.

On the home stretch.

Sadie celebrating her 1st place finish in the canine division.

We finished in 6:26:00.  (results)

I've had a fun year racing so far.  However, with the Atacama Crossing (and Boston) on the horizon, I'm going to try my hardest to minimize my racing and traveling expenses for the rest of the year.  In other words, I'm not sure if I'll sign up for any new events at this time.  For me, this will be a true test of will.  But I do have at least two more events this year that I've already registered for and plan on attending - the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on July 4th, and the Goblin Valley Ultra on October 23rd with my dad and sister(s).

So, looks like Sadie and I have some big running to do on our own near home this summer.  Should be fun.  :)

Keep running!


06 June 2010

Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Relay and Ultra

Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Relay and Ultra.  This great event is directed by Rob and Eric.  Rob was looking for some aid station help and for someone to sweep the 50k ultra.  I volunteered for the sweep (a sweep plays caboose and stays as the last runner to make sure no one is left on the course) and my friend and sister took one of the aid stations. 

Because I spent the entire day running/walking with the last runner, most of it was slow going.  However, three runners dropped out of the race at various points and it gave me the chance to put in some speed work to catch up to the next runner. 

Rob and Eric must have made a sacrifice to the running gods because it was a beautiful day to run.  Yes, a beautiful day to go for a run.  :)  

Mt. Rainier watched over the runners.

Rivers and mountains make a good team.

Playing caboose on a long country road.

Colorful crosswalk in Orting, WA.

This bench provides a great view
of the trees five feet in front of it.

Yep, this is the trail.  :)

Out of the mountains and into Tacoma.

"Is that Scott McMurtrey!?! OMG! It is!!
It is Scott!! Scott!! Can we take a picture with you!?!"

Sun setting over the bay.  Almost to the finish line.

At the finish line with Al and his crew.
I ran with Al for the last 12 miles or so.
Way to finish strong, Al!
Thanks, Rob and Eric for letting us help out.  It's a great event.
I'm on vacation this week in Canada.  Next stop is the Vancouver Skyline 50k next weekend.
Keep running!