02 January 2014

New Years

My #1 goal for 2014 is to stay healthy. I had a few down months in 2013 because of the Achilles. It's still not 100% (some say it will never be completely/100% healthy), but it feels strong - maybe 95%?- and I'm running with confidence. One thing I have learned to do (or that I'm going to try to do more of), is to take it slower and easier after big runs and races. For example: I will no longer race less than two weeks after a 100-mile race. That didn't work for me this past year.

With no big winter race plans this year, training has been relaxed. But I'm headed to Boston again in April! So January 1st was my start date to build-up for Boston. I'm hoping to stay healthy and run a PR (sub-2:55) or faster. If I'm healthy and the weather cooperates, I'm pretty confident I can sneak under 2:50.

I'm getting close to choosing my 2014 destination race. It's exciting. When we have our plane tickets purchased and I'm registered (registration open January 23), then I'll make an announcement.

Until then, enjoy a couple photos from one of my (and Sadie's) favorite local running destinations.

Keep running!