09 November 2012

Time For Winter Training

I ran the Mt. Spokane 50k last month, then took it easy for a few weeks to rest a little.  But I'm back now and gearing up for some big winter running plans.

I was planning to write a race report for Mt. Spokane (I had a great race), but the longer I put it off the less I felt like writing it.

My big winter race is the Rocky Raccoon 100. This is down in Huntsville, TX, about 30 minutes north of where I grew up. I ran the 50 with my dad back in 2008.

There are a couple Pullman Winter Ultras to run. I'm also heading to Texas for the holidays to run a couple marathons with my sister(s).  So barring major blizzards, I'll be doing a lot of winter running in the dark the next couple months. I don't love winter in the Northwest. Sunsets at 4:30pm aren't fun.

Here's a rare daylight photo:

Still no snow on Moscow Mt., but it's supposed to hit us tonight. Not many snowless trail runs left this year.

Keep running!


(PS Sorry, but I've added the word verification pain-in-the-butt back to the comments...I've been bombarded with spam the past two weeks. Ugh.)