30 May 2007

I Left My Quads in Colorado - - - New Mexico Wants Them Now

Hope everyone is running well. My trip has been wonderful and the runs have been fabulous. Santa Fe has lived up to its reputation. I've found a wonderful downtown cafe to hang out at for a bit. My body is feeling good here in New Mexico after some pretty tough runs in Colorado (the place my quads will remember forever...) This entire trip has been completely energizing. I stopped by a great running store (The Running Hub) a couple days ago and was able to physically look at and touch some of the specialty gear that isn't readily available back in Pullman. And I found a great hydration belt that works great.

Anyway, it may be a few more days before I can get to everyone's blog but I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing. I'll give you a quick pictorial rundown of my runs since last week's entry.
Wed. May 30
Arroyo North of Santa Fe (near our lodging)
5 miles

Near the river the arroyo is flat and wide

A couple miles out the landscape becomes more dramatic

Near my turn-around point I climbed up above for this shot

Tue May 29
Sangre de Cristo Mts, New Mexico
13 mile loop

Most of the 13 miles were along 3 different rivers

Some amazing rock formations

The last 3 miles of this loop was upriver next to dozens of waterfalls

Mon May 28
Ancho Rapids Run - Near White Rock, NM
6 miles

This run starts on top of a mesa

Coming to the edge of the mesa

Looking down from the edge to the river (Rio Grande) and Ancho Rapids

From the river looking back up. The mesa I came down from is the one on the right.

Sat May 26
Near La Veta, CO
4 miles

Got up early for a quick run before the drive to NM

I never get tired of the views of the Spanish Peaks

Fri May 26
Sangre de Cristo Mts, CO
12 miles
This has been the the most grueling run of my trip so far. The weather was moving so fast; I ran through two hail showers, one rain shower, a bunch of sunshine, and lots of quad pounding downhill.

West Spanish Peak in the top right

Sadie and some Aspens

West Spanish Peak in the background

Hope you enjoy. Keep running!



  1. Beautiful! How's running at altitude working for you?

  2. Sadie's gotta be the fittest dog ever! LOL Beautiful pics, looks like some tough running though hehe.

  3. I fear that when you return home you are going to long for those vacation locations really bad.

    Amazing views!! In each picture your dog is looking at you like "come on and stop taking so many pictures" LOL!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and to share the pictures. I am sure that Sadie is a wonderful dog.

  5. Beautiful scenary Scott...sounds like you are having alot of fun. You should have stopped by the Teva Moutnain Games in Vail while you were in Colorado.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back when you can....

  6. Scottie...excellent shots that I'm sure do not do the area true justice. What a great adventure - keep it coming. Take care out there.