15 May 2007

Grizzly Tuesday

View of Pullman (and you thought it was paradise)

It was nice to have a couple days off because today I felt good. It's getting Pullman hot (anything over 75) and I absolutely love being in the sun. Give me hot sun over cold gray any day of the year. Let's see what I'm saying toward the beginning of August... :)

Sadie and I did a mostly asphalt loop that sent us by the university's Bear Research, Conservation, and Education Center. There were three grizzly cubs running around the pen. I took a photo with my cell phone but it didn't turn out. Then we ran by the Cattle Research Center where the most notible thing was the stench. Dinner anyone? Home and back: 7 miles.

A fellow blogger directed me to marathontraining.com. There seems to be pretty good information for first time marathoners. I think I may be getting to the point where I need to structure my training a little bit more instead of just running what I feel like when I feel like. I suppose I need more of a plan than just "Hey, I'm going to run a marathon in October. Yippee!"

Keep running!



  1. Glad you liked the training plan! Remember to adapt it as needed.

    And Pullman is way too hot for me - and probably too cold in the winter. I do like sunny days though...

  2. it seems like a nice website - i shall explore more this weekend :) thanks!

  3. Scott - Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to following your progress.

  4. A couple days off followed by a nice longer run is always nice to have!

  5. I'm sure the weather there beats NY, although you guys do get a lot of rain, right?

    Sounds like a nice run!! Glad to see you found a a good site to pull off some training programs :) I'll have to look at it myself . . .

  6. what? pullman ISN'T paradise? :) you're certainly going to enjoy comrades if you're a hot weather guy...

    thanks for the training log idea. i'm going to check it out and make a plan (a chart, actually...i'm reminded by this class i teach that i really dig graphs, charts, anything to track!).