02 May 2007

Before the sun goes down

So much for a laid back week to rest up for Bloomsday.

I headed up to Moscow Mt. (ID) again today to get some more trail running in. And I didn't want to stop running. There had been some rain and the trails were in great shape and everything smelt like spring. Maybe everyone else thought the trails would be muddy because Sadie and I basically had the mountain to ourselves. I was doing my favorite loop but was feeling good so I took off for Paradise Point. (*Click on map above. Loop on the left is Headwaters. The other paths lead up to the top - shown in red - which is Paradise Point. ) The exciting part of the run was trying to get back before the sun went down. I don't run with a watch (which is wonderful if you've never tried it - so relaxing not needed to look at it every other minute) so I wasn't real sure what kind of time I'd make to the Point and back. We made it just in time. I'm not sure of the distance, but if from the parking area around Headwaters loop is 5.5 miles, I'm going to guess that the extra jaunt up to Paradise made it around 10. It sure felt like it.


On another (funnier) note. Jeanie and I are going to New Mexico and Colorado for a couple weeks this summer and I was looking around the web for any races that might be worth checking out while we're there. I came across a particular one on through my Find a Race (runningintheusa.com) link on the right and I went to their website to get some more information. But the date on the race's website was different than the one on the Find a Race website so I emailed them to clarify which date it was. The race's response was this:

please remove all (blank) productions from your web site within 24 hours, i have advised my legal counsel regarding this matter.

What?! I think they thought I was affiliated with the runningintheusa.com website. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm being strong armed by a road race! (if that's who they really are.) And I'm really scared now. Honestly. They have my email address and my name and I'm afraid they may be somehow affiliated with the New Mexican bad guys or something. I don't even have a legal counsel. That's not fair! Wait a second, shouldn't the legal counsel be advising them? Oh well.

Keep running! (unless it's in New Mexico - if that's the case then keep looking behind your back.)



  1. Great maop photo. makes me want to get back up there with you. Very funny stuff from the New Mexico people. Actually not that funny. Maybe that's why the trail runners from New Mexico run so fast.

  2. aw, i miss moscow mountain. i'm sorry to hear that you got such a scary email. i hope they will realize that you are just a runner. well you are not JUST a runner, but that's all they need to know...

  3. someday i'll go to moscow mountain. until then, i read about you making these incredibly long runs before big races! you're dedicated!

  4. Scott--your blog is really inspring me to get off my butt and get back into it. Since Adam cant use school as an excuse anymore, I think he'll join me :)

  5. well, i can't let you be the only one to have run a marathon. :)