18 May 2007

Road Trip!

We will be on the road for the next couple days. Stopping in Wyoming for a day or two (my grandparents) on the way to Colorado for a few days (Jeanie's parents) on the way to a few days in Santa Fe, New Mexico (really good food).

My running shoes are packed and I'm looking forward to posting some great photos of some great runs. It's going to be interesting how I do in the altitude. So, it may be a couple days until you hear from me, but that won't mean that I'm not running. (okay, it probably will mean that I'm not running...)

But for everyone else - keep running!



  1. Ooooo I look forward to the pics!! You always have great pics! And then I'll have to get all jealous that you actually ran in these places (or walked :P ) Have a great trip!

  2. Have a safe trip and have fun fun fun!

    I, like Marcy, can't wait till you post some pics :)

  3. Santa Fe is a great place to run. Anyone in decent shape shouldn't have a problem with the altitude. You'll have fun.


  4. If only our running shoes could talk. They sure would have some stories to tell about our travels.

    Looking forward to the updates.