04 June 2007

Back to Reality

The mountains are a bit farther away. The air is a bit thicker. The wheat fields are a bit greener. I had to mow the lawn.

I haven't run since my last post on Wednesday. We had a long long long few days driving from Santa Fe back to Pullman (our route was just over 1,600 miles). A few stops (Yellowstone National Park!!) and an incredibly aching body. It's official, I have car lag. We didn't get home until near midnight last night thanks to a couple of turn off your car and take a walk accidents on Interstate-90 and I was back to work at 7:30 this morning. I was ansy to get out and run once I got off work and my motivation far exceeded my body's pleading to stop and rethink this whole running thing. I went out for a 10 mile loop but when I had the chance to cut a few off with a short cut I took it. Boy I was tired.

I did, however, accomplish two things on the run that I'm very proud of:

1. I wore a watch and timed my run. I figure with just over 4 months until Portland I need to start structuring my training a bit more.

2. I stopped worrying about unriding my upriding shorts when another runner or car passed. What a monkey off my back. :) I feel liberated not being so self-conscious about the exact location of every seam on my shorts. Whew, what a relief!

7 miles - 59m 40s - 8:31 min/mile pace. Now I have something to build on, I guess.

I'm glad to be back. Maybe not as glad as I would have been to have another two weeks away, but oh well. Keep running!


PS I've enjoyed catching up on everyone's blogs. Congratulations again to those who had very successful races!


  1. it seems like you had a great time in Santa Fe :) you just inspired me to push myself a little harder and run a little further!

  2. awesome. the shorts liberation cracks me up- i think i'm not quite there yet... body glide. seriously- cuts the ride down.

    welcome back! way to go breakin' out the watch. i'm officially "strapped in" to my heart rate monitor and it was a nice surprise to see i'm running faster at a slower beat. :)

  3. Coming back from vacation is always hard. Good job getting out there for a run, and for relaxing about the shorts!

  4. Welcome back!! I hear you on the shorts bit, I'm totally like "F-it" now. What you see is what you get LOL Awesome job on the run too!! ;D ;D ;D

  5. Great job on the run and thanks for the kind words!

  6. Nice pace on the 7 miles. It's nice to get things going again after vacation.

  7. I still struggle with the shorts issue as well. I don't want to have the look going on when other runners or cars pass by!

    Way to listen to your tired body and cut your run short. Some of us have a hard time doing that when in training mode. Then those miles turn into junk miles. and their worthless!