14 May 2007

Funday Monday

I'm still sore from my 14 mile trek on Saturday so I took another running rest day. No need to overdue it (right?). There's still plenty of time before Oct 7 in Portland (right?). We took the dogs to the park - so I did get in a little leg muscle movement while jogging around with them chasing balls and frisbees. My temptation right now is to increase my weekly mileage every week because I'm having such a great time running and I've been on a kind of runner's high the last couple weeks that makes me feel like I can just run and run. But I think I will try to keep my weekly miles between 25 and 30ish until I'm a couple months out - maybe in July I'll start really working on increasing my mileage to build up for the big 26.2.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, and thank you for all the suggestions on hydration options. I'm heading in the right direction now.

Keep running!



  1. I'd build a couple weeks, then cut way back a week, then build a couple more (just by 1-2 miles), then cut back from now till taper time. Have you looked at a training plan or are you doing your own? I did my own after looking at many - that way I could tailor it to my life. If you haven't looked, then check out: marathontraining.com

  2. thanks. i have been kind of doing my own plan - with some general advice from my dad, but i checked out marathontraining.com and i think the schedules on there will definitely be helpful. especially how many weeks out i should start increasing my long runs.

  3. Sounds like a plan :) I've been winging it too, just doing what I feel like doing, and then I'll buckle down in a couple weeks or so.

  4. Hey Scott, thanks for stopping by and I am excited to hear that you are training for Portland. It was my first marathon five years ago. Good luck with your training.