07 May 2007

Back to Earth

Return to the Palouse. Surrounded not by tens of thousands of runners, but by thousands of rolling wheat field tops turned green. And the smells...

I couldn't not run today. Not after the running high from this weekend. I couldn't not get out of the house and onto the trail. I couldn't even not use a double negative in this post - multiple times. Also, I'm getting tired of starting the weeks out with a big zero in the mileage column. All my previous Mondays have been rest days. No more!

If yesterday's energy was provided by thousands of spectators and live music, today's energy was provided by quietness and open space. Jeanie and the pups came along also, which is always nice. We did some telephone poles (run to one, walk to the next one, run to the next one) with a generally easy rhythm, and then I took off for a bit to stretch my legs out and burn off some of the adrenaline I still had from yesterday. The sun is so high when I get off work that it is hard to believe that just a couple months ago it was dark by 4:30pm. I think I want to run forever.

Jeanie took this photo of me running along a "path" next to a seldom used railroad track just north of Pullman. From home (out and back) - 4 miles. Isn't this fun?

Keep running!



  1. hey- you go out where the pavement ends! THAT'S how you get the mileage there. what a great picture!

  2. Great post, and congratulations on the Bloomsday Run. I have never run in a race with that many people, but my guess would be that your 7:55 pace would have been even better with a smaller field.

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