01 May 2007

World's First Trail Running Pomeranian

Everyone expects to see Sadie (our border collie) running with me on the trails, but I got some very interesting/surprised looks today when they saw Shasta (our Pomeranian) sprinting along with us like she owned the mountain. And it was even funnier when we passed hikers/runners because they're a bit embarrassed to see a 9-pound "house dog" cruising by them.

I never take Shasta on any of my real runs because, well, she's a 9-pound house dog. But she really really wanted to go running
with me and Sadie today so I said, "sure." She does great on slow hikes, so today I thought I could give her a shot at a real trail run. I went on my 5.5 mile loop and she stuck with me the entire way. I took it pretty easy for her though, but most of my runs this week are going to be pretty laid back so I have all the energy I need to win Bloomsday.

The trail was quiet for the most part - until we ran into a train of bikers coming uphill on our way down. A group of about 7. And at the end of the run just after we got into the car there was a coyote that crossed the road. That would have been a fun tango with the dogs.

Keep running!



  1. if you would have had a ninja with you, the coyote would not have been a factor. better planning next time!

  2. that's awesome - you inspired me to go for a run in red rocks!

  3. wow, your wednesday workout looks as blank as mine...