17 May 2007

Iron Lotus Thursday

Quick post this evening. We're gearing up for our big cross-country road trip beginning Saturday and have waited until the last few possible moments to get oil changes, snacks, toothpaste, dog baths blah blah blah(g). So I'm being heckled at this very moment to get off the computer and do my laundry. :)

I did get a quick 4 mile run in, though. At least it felt quicker than usual. I'm beginning to judge the intensity of my runs by how long Sadie lays under the kitchen table when we get home.

Here's the Sadie scale:

Easy run - skips the table and wrestles with Shasta.
Moderate run - drinks some water and then sniffs under the table before laying down for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.
Difficult run - skips the water and stays under the table for 45 minutes to an hour.
Extreme psycho run - goes straight for the bath tub and fills it up with cold water and jumps in.

So even though tonight I felt like I ran at a nice brisk pace it was an easy run on the Sadie scale.

But it felt good anyway. Keep running!



  1. Have a safe trip and dont forget the running shoes ;)

    Love your running partner, Sadie is adorable!...I used to have a boarder collie and miss him for my new running addiction :)

  2. LOL!! So has she ever been pushed to am extreme psycho run? Sounds like a good run!

    Have a fun trip!! Hope you got all that laundry done :P

  3. People should read this.