12 May 2007

Wheat Turning Green

What a great day to run.

The wheat fields are turning green with all the sunshine we're getting, a celebration of the new season. Temperatures are getting warmer. These spring and summers make eastern Washington winters almost bearable for a Texan like me. (almost)

I took extra water today (but need to search for something that holds more and is comfortable for running) and slowed my pace to try to get a nice long run in. I'm trying not to train too much because I still have a few months before the Portland Marathon and I'm still learning to read my body. But I have been feeling very good these last few weeks so I thought I could push it a little bit.

Once I get out of Pullman and onto the dirt roads rolling through the wheat fields I feel like I can run forever. Then I got to mile 7.... and realized I still had to go back. Taxi! But it was worth it. I took it nice and slow and overall felt real good until about the last mile. Also, today equaled my longest run ever. 14 miles. And my body liked this 14 miles much more than the other time. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully not too bad.

Enjoy the photos and keep running!


Translation: "You have this road all to yourself."

No asphalt allowed

Sadie and the sky


  1. I have a fuel belt and it works great. If I were to buy a new one though, I might choose the other popular brand. I can't remember what it's called but it has green bottles (they're a lot bigger than the fuel belt bottles.)

  2. awe, what a sight! it's getting hot here, so i can't run after 8am... it seems like the weather is awesome up there ;) running more than a half marathon just like that, eh? some day... some day...

  3. Try here for something to hold liquids:
    One of my gf's has the hand one, she likes hers. I'll have to get one sooner or later. Sure beats running around with a Gatorade bottle LOL

    Beautiful pics!!!I'd kill for some scenery like that!

  4. hey thanks marcy. that's the kind of stuff i'm looking for. it just seems that the water belts would bounce around way too much. but i guess if they're made for running they won't bounce?... i wonder if i can find something like that for my dog. :)

  5. once again- seriously, where did you find that run? and are you not afraid of crazy cougars or wolves coming after you?! :)
    check out rei- i think they may have something for the pup.
    and where are these peeps on your sidebar coming from?! do you know them all?

  6. No prob :) Gu also does some too. When I was looking for dealers in my area for the gels, I saw they had some products. Here:


  7. Lovely. Lovely. In the past I carried Nalgenes...but they have since disappeared. I must invest in something soon as God is turning up the heat!

  8. I use an REI double-bottle fuel belt - holds 40 oz. I have a similar one on order from Nathan (nathansports.com)- I ordered the new one because I want pockets in the front. I've used the ultimate direction handheld, but get tired of carrying them. If you cinch the waist pack in, it doesn't bounce. My husband and many ultra-friends use camelbaks. Check them all out!

    I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know if you do any of your long stuff on asphalt, but if you are training for Portland, I suggest doing some of the long stuff on the roads - after all, Portland is all road and it will feel signifigantly different than running on dirt roads.

  9. Hey Scott its Mike Ott nice to see you training so hard. I had to go to the bathroom so I did a fast paced walk to the restroom. To see you running 14 miles is impressive. Give me a shout sometime at mjocrd@yahoo.com.