16 May 2007

Wet Dog Wednesday

It's funny when I cross paths with other runners and they noticeably speed up when they pass me. Like just in case I'm a running god giving away "Way to Go!" ribbons as I trot by. I suppose it's only natural to try to perform a little better when you know you're being watched. Thing is, I do just the opposite. When I see someone running toward me I purposefully slow down a notch, because the way I see it, who knows, maybe I'll meet that person in a future race and it will be between the two of us on the final sprint to break the ribbon and they'll underestimate me because they remembered how slow I was six years before. :-) Is that logically flawless or what?

Anyway, nice easy 4 mile run today. According to my new training advice guide I need to step back the weekly miles every few weeks - so that's this week. I've been increasing and increasing and this week I'm going to scale back a bit. Even took Shasta the Running Pomeranian today and she and Sadie found a nice semi-transparent creek to jump in. Ah, black wet dogs in the sun.

Keep running!



  1. You know, I never really think about other runners in terms of fast or slow when we cross paths. I'm more concerned on wondering if they notice my flabby legs jiggling in the breeze LOL! But that's a good point!!

    Cute pic of dog BTW on the bottom!! Sounds like a good run!

  2. I would say that I normally don't do pick offs or think much about anothers persons pace. Well most of the time i would say that is true :).

    Black, wet dog... what did that smell like :)

  3. you don't give out ribbons?! dang it. i like your approach, though- what they don't know now may surprise them later. that's a true competitive spirit. :)

    baked shasta...