27 June 2007

Out Like a Light

Please observe a moment of silence as tonight is the last night I will have all my teeth.

(moment of silence)

Thank you.

To commemorate the pending loss of these four teeth of wisdom and the expected loss of running days I have run each of the last 5 days. I think that's some kind of record for me. :) Soon my smileys will look like this :x So I squeezed in 17 miles this week. This was a scheduled cutback week that called for 22. I'm happy with the 17.

Yesterday was a wonderful 8.5 mile run on the wheat field dirt roads. The sun was setting and it was a wonderful site. It's the latest I've been out for a run since the season of the sun began. This run is a very hilly run and I noticeably struggled on the first few hills before catching a second wind. It's a great feeling to finish a run strong. Sadie has been a bit under the weather for a couple days but charged along with me.

Today I capped off my 5 consecutive days with a nice and easy 3 mile Shasta run. I wish I didn't have to have my teeth pulled but it will be nice to have a few days rest. (See, I'm trying to trick myself into thinking good thoughts.)

I'm out like a light.

Hope to see you on the road sooner rather than later!



  1. good luck with the teeth! way to go getting in the miles pre-surgery! :) so sad about sadie being under the weather! a rest might do her good too.

  2. It will be a good rest and you will come back fully recharged. Good luck with the teeth pulling.

  3. *HUGS*

    Thinking of you!

    Check in when you can here, Scott!!

  4. GOOD LUCK!!!! If you want happy thoughts just think of the "We Built This City" tune HAHAHAHA (now I hope it's stuck in your head :P) Definitely check in, so we at least know you're alive ;)

  5. Recharge is right. Take this time and rest those legs. you will be back hitting the roads in no time!!!

  6. I hope the removal of the wisdom teeth went smooth!

  7. Tomorrow you're going to be 4 teeth less wise. "Farewell wisdom!"

    Now, let's usher in the age of idiocy! Yeah! Long live life without wisdom, and its teeth!

  8. Hope all things are well and your short of wisdom!:)

  9. Here's hoping your healing up well from the dental trauma. 8-)

  10. Hope it went well! You'll have to post soon to tell us how it is to now be without wisdom.