21 June 2007

Long Day

Wow I was tired today. Longer than usual day at work which ended with a dinner commitment. I don't like running after I've eaten a full meal. But it was later in the evening and the temps were nice and cool - so I guess there was something good to come out of it. The run was a thumbs down though. First of all, it was a Shasta run and I spent the first 10 minutes waiting on her and helping her pick out stickers from her paws. Sadie will run 15 miles on three legs with a splinter the size of a 2x4 jammed into one paw. Shasta stops and lays on the ground looking at me like she is going to die with only a thick piece of grass stuck between her toes. It was kind of funny though.

The highlight of the run was when a fire-engine passed by with its sirens blaring and a pack of coyotes in the field next to us went crazy howling along with the siren. The sun was still out and they were out in the open and just howling away. They were far enough though where Sadie and Shasta couldn't see them over the tall grass even though they were freaked out by the howls. On the way back I saw the billowing smoke that the fire-engines were responding to and from a mile or so away it looked like it was in the exact location of our house. But it wasn't (PHEW).

Yesterday's run was about the same as today only much hotter. So hot that Sadie stopped dead in her tracks (on the leash) just to sit in some shade. What a wuss. But that made me think. Am I running her too much? A couple people we know have recently mentioned to Jeanie (but not me...) that Sadie looks too skinny and maybe she shouldn't run so much. So I did a little research about Border Collies and basically found that working Border Collies (farms, ranches, etc) can easily run 50 and can sometimes run nearly 100 miles a DAY! So I'm not concerned about her at 25-30 miles a week right now. I am starting to carry extra water for her on the midday runs.

Stats - Yesterday 3.25 miles - Today 3 miles

Easy run today and rest day tomorrow in preparation for the race on Saturday. Now I need some sleep...

Keep running!



  1. Glad to hear it wasn't your house they were going to! I think its awesome that you take the dogs! I'm sure they love it!

  2. Sorry about the thumbs down on the run, I've been having some of those as of late LOL

    I'm not sure about the dog question. We don't own any (ie: it would be like having more kids :P ) and it's been a great number of years since I did. (Our fam always had bird dogs for hunting) I think that you know her better then anyone else. You'd be able to tell if you were running her too much, right?

    Good luck on that race!! Can't wait to hear the report!! ;D ;D

  3. Coyotes... I would freak! My dad did spot a BEAR on his front porch three times now. he lives one hour toward the mountian from me.

    Shasta is too funny!! love the story. Sadie will be fine. Just make sure she is getting plenty of food and water. You know your own dogs better than anyone :)

  4. Yes glad to hear it wasn't your home that was burning....good run, I'm really surprised the dogs didn't take out after the coyotes, not a safe thing for them to do tho. The extra water for them is probably wise....border collies are such beautiful working dogs and to see them in action is so awesome.

  5. Dogs are so interesting... they have a personality of their own, for sure!

  6. i saw that smoke last night- freaky!
    i don't know- sadie seems border collie-esque to me. if she's running, she'll eat more. if she stops eating, i'd worry.
    a lone coyote once followed shane and i on bike on the palouse- he was injured and i was kind of glad-i did NOT want to mess with a wild animal that day!