09 June 2007

Saturday Shasta Run

Good Luck to my Dad at the Holcomb Valley 33-miler tomorrow morning!! (and afternoon...)


So the schedule I'm keeping to hard and fast calls for a short run on Saturdays to proceed Sunday's long one. So I'm going to call my Saturday runs Shasta Runs. Shasta is our 9-pound Pomeranian, and boy does she ever love to run run run, so she'll get to come along on these short runs for at least a few weeks until they do get a bit longer. Too bad for her she has short legs and can't keep up for too long, but she does fine on runs under 4 miles (and hikes up to 12 miles so far). Really. She may be the most exercised Pomeranian in history, and she thinks she is Sadie's twin Border Collie sister.

Today called for a 3 mile jog. It does feel good to run in the morning and not after work. I'm often worn down after work and sometimes the runs are brutal. But since I have to be at work at 7:30am I haven't built up the courage to try the super early morning runs like many of you swear by. But no work today so I went out at about 8:30 and it felt great. I felt like I had a little more bounce in my step after a day off yesterday (and no margaritas). The one thing I see that I have to work on since I started wearing a watch, especially on these short runs, is to not start off so fast and feel like I'm racing the clock. This morning I felt I started out way too fast - but it felt pretty good. The one thing my training schedule doesn't tell me is how hard I should run.

Should I push all my runs to the point of exhaustion at the end? Run like I'm racing? At this point I don't have a real good sense of how I should be pacing. I'll try to do a little research - but any tips would be welcomed.

As for the run. 3 miles - 24m 47s - 8:16 pace

I know I know, I'm such a speed demon...

Happy Saturday!



  1. You are a speed demon to many people--me included!!!

    When I was training, I always did my long runs on Saturday mornings which was fun b/c all the running trails would be full of all the other Houstonians training for the marathon.

  2. From what I hear (but take my advice with a grain of salt because I'm a newb LOL) it's ok to go at near race speed but in shorter durations. Like 3 miles is ok, but 10 miles probably not so good LOL. This is why I took up the FIRST plan, because I need EXACT instructions on how fast, how far, etc . . . LOL Otherwise I'm sort of aimless :-/

  3. Wow... you are a speed demon! Nice job! I will be looking for further Shasta Runs!

  4. My take is that you would be better off not to push every run at race pace towards the end. You may be asking for injury. Shorter ones would be my pick.

    What a happy photo of your dog. I sit here and look at my dog as she sit in the chair next to me. Maybe she would love my shorter runs with me. She loves to run!!