10 June 2007

Pullman covered in rain

Got up early today to get out on the road before the rain showers hit. The roads were wet from all the rain last night and there was a very nice coolness to the air. And no rain during the run! There were quite a few runners out on the roads and over half of them were running with a dog too. Which was nice to see, but all of them had their dogs on a leash so I kept having to put Sadie on hers. I usually only have her leashed when we are in the downtown area and let her run off in the other parts. So for my 8 mile run today that translates to about 2 miles on the leash and 6 off. But after I had to stop and leash her up again for the fourth or fifth time I just kept her on. I don't think there is a better running dog than her. Anyway, it was a nice run and I felt like going farther but I'm going to stick to this training schedule for now.

Stats: 8 miles - 1h 07m 55s - 8:30pace

Oh, and I've been tagged by the cruel cruel Marcy and am required by some sort of internet law to list six weird things about myself.

1. I have a semi-bionic toe on my left foot.
2. I have a near deathly fear of squirrels.
4. I've (admittedly) cried at only one movie EVER - All Dogs Go To Heaven. (but get teared up during any movie where the main character is an unathletic kid named Rudy who wants to play football)
5. I shave my head so I don't get motorcycle helmet-hair.
6. I don't believe in the idea of infinity.

So now you know my deepest darkest secrets. I have nothing left that is my own...



  1. i miss rain. i miss palouse. it's so awesome that you really do keep running - and you run with such a fast pace! thank you for sharing your secrets:)

  2. wow...you ARE stranger than fiction. :) i agree that sadie is probably the best running dog EVER. she's awesome.
    way to go beating the rain! i was seriously glad i ran yesterday and took today off b/c the K-ster is NOT a rainman.

  3. itoodontliketousepunctuationbutthennoonewillreadmyblogandiwouldhavelessentertainmentialsothinkshavingyourheadissmartandnotweird

  4. Hey fellow-running-dude! I LOVE your dog! Lucky you = )

    My problem is that I have 3 dogs... one who enjoys running, one who doesn't really like to run but he doesn't want to be left behind either, and one who could care less but I feel sorry for him if I take the other two and not him.

    Enjoy a cool weather run for me... I'm down here in Houston too!

  5. My doggie runs with me (in San Diego) too, but not very fast anymore (12 year old cocker spaniel... i've only "had" her for four years but she's the best running buddy ever).

    Came here via the beautiful and brilliant stonielove...

    Have you seen "Fluke"? You must see this movie!! Also "Invincible" i recommend as well...

    Just had to stop by and say keep on running! Good on ya.


  6. Hi Scott, first time to your blog. Good on ya for commiting to your first marathon. That's something I'm yet to do. Good luck with the programme.

  7. If I were a book publisher you'd have a book contract

  8. Awesome job on the run!!

    ROFLMAO! Totally diggin #2! If you think about it, if you chop off their tails they just look like big rats LOL Thanks for playing ;D ;D

  9. I used to run with our dog - but I had to keep her leashed the whole time. And she kept stopping to leave deposits, which I then had to pick up and carry for the rest of the run. I decided not to run with either of them anymore - I walked them instead. Now we just have one lovely, older chocolate lab - Sundae, the goofball. She's nine and though she likes to run, she knows when she's done. Then she limps for the rest of the day, so I don't take her either. Instead we walk where she can run off leash at her own doggie pace.

  10. #9 took me a minute but I get it now.... too funny!!

    So you don't care to run in the rain? I love it!! Still considering getting my dog out with me for a run. I would have to leash her for sure.

    Nice miles and even better pace.

  11. It's been wet over here on the west side of the mountains as well. I think there is a break now so I am going to lace em up and head on out. I hope you get more off leash miles next run.