14 June 2007

Enough Running???

So I'm having a hard time following my marathon training schedule. I feel like I can and should be increasing my weekly mileage more than it is currently calling for. I feel that then I could just maintain a higher amount up until October. Right now the schedule has me between 25 and 30 miles per week for the next few weeks but I feel like I could be around 30-35 right now. I know these schedules can be tailored to fit individual needs, but I guess I'm a little worried that maybe my anxiousness is just asking for injury or prolonged fatigue.

Anyway, yesterday evening I had a nice little 3 mile run. I was a bit sore after my Tuesday fartlek run, but I still felt I had a few more miles in me. This morning, since I didn't have to show up to work until 9-ish (yippee!), I went on my scheduled 4 miler. Again, I felt like I had a few more miles in me. Both runs I took Shasta with us. (I guess two consecutive Shasta Runs makes me feel like I haven't been running enough.) It's fun to watch her run. She keeps up with Sadie for the first mile or so and then after that she is right at my heels just making sure she doesn't run any extra than she has to. But she has so much fun. My Shasta Runs are along a short section where I can always have the dogs off the leash. No way I could run with both of them on leash. Sadie always has a great time. She bounces through the tall grass like a kangaroo, trying to scare up ANY unsuspecting animal or bird victim.

Off day tomorrow then I think I'm hitting the trails on Moscow Mountain over the weekend. I've been running all roads since returning from vacation and I'm having withdrawals.

Keep running!



  1. dude- hanging out at the dog field has synched our brains. i read your post after i posted mine and i am suffering from the same "i think i could do some more" thing. maybe tomorrow, when i'm sure to be sore, i'll think twice. i actually trained too fast for the last half i ran and had a hard time keeping motivation for it once i hit the 13 miles in july (the race was sept). i think i'm running into the same thing now, but i could turn it to marathon. wow- i need people to talk to b/c i'm currently talking to your blog. anyway, good job reigning things in. time to build shasta's mileage so she's marathon worthy.

  2. I think that it's great that you realize this "I'm a little worried that maybe my anxiousness is just asking for injury or prolonged fatigue." I feel the same way to sometimes (about wanting to do more miles) but I also don't want to burn myself out. It's up to you though, you know your body better then anyone else :-)

    And yes I was JK-ing about PGO :P For this run . . .maybe I'll do it next time I'm alone if need be LOL!

    As for the race . . . . tomorrow at around 6pm good for you? I'll run right over to WA :P

  3. awesome! it's not so easy running with a pup, is it? mi marido quit running with jackie for the same reason you mentioned in your post. i'm still around 10 minutes/mile, so jackie won't be tired for 3 miles. (as long as it's lower than 80F, which hasn't happend for the past week)... Keep running, mon!

  4. hi...came to your blog from Marcy's... Looks like you have a lot of time to experiment before Portland, I think the general rule is no more than a 10% increase per week, but everyone is different and as Marcy said, each person knows their body the best. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow.

  5. The more I train for marathons or even now ultras I find that a plan is just a guideline. Your body knows all. Some weeks you can run forever and others and hard with each step. The only thing I would warn against would be increasing each week by more than 10%.

    That's my take. No fee required :).

  6. Fun run with the pups...cool!

    Speaking as an oft-injured runner, stick to the plan even when you feel like you could do more. There'll be PLENTY of opportunities to do more in your near future...ALOT more!!

  7. Don't worry - you'll feel the miles later. For my first marathon, I looked at a bunch of schedules, counted back from the run I wanted to run, then made my own schedule (with Eric's and Rob's help). I didn't have patience for an 18 week plan - I gave myself 13 weeks. I was already past the half marathon point. Whatever you decide, be sure to take a cut-back week every three weeks or so - even if you don't think you need it. You will end up much stronger with a little built in rest.

  8. It sounds like your doing great! Decent mileage staying healthy and it sounds like the dogs are having a blast! Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Keep on running!!

    i am kind of in a running funk of late, and so is my little "kangaroo" (love the image that is conjured up from your words!) Mattie... but i'm feelin' like i'll pick it up again over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!