19 June 2007

hills schmills and a new race on deck

My schedule called for a few short hills today, but since Pullman is ONLY hills anyway, I decided to call today a short farlek. The only flat section in Pullman is the long table down the center of Rancho Viejo, our favorite Mexican restaurant - and that is even wobbly and not flat half the time. The run went well, I threw in some sprints (maybe 85%) toward the end just to stretch things out.

Total - 2.5 miles

Also, I've finally found a June race to run. This Saturday is the Kootenai River Run 10k. Even more exciting is that my friends (Jen and her husband) will be going too. It's not a short drive but it's the closest thing less than a 57 mile ultra that I could find this month. It should be a fun trip to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. We'll be a long way from civilization...

The weather is great today and I'm signing out early to go do some grilling. Yum!

Keep running!



  1. A race this weekend... how exciting!!!

    I posted about the shoes. Now I don't know what to do. My trail shoes rock!!!!

  2. Glad you found a race somewhat nearby. Good luck!

  3. no way! you're running the 10K too?! :)

  4. Good luck for your race. The area you are living in and training looks wonderful. Great scenery. Have to go to WA someday!

    Hope we make it to the 2008 comrades.

    All the best, Tom.

  5. Ooooooo that will be fun!!!! Good luck on that race! I can't wait to hear about it!!

    That's pretty sweet that you have a lot of hills that you can train on. Can only help you, right? Not that it's exactly flat lands here but it's not THAT hilly either.

  6. hey, that's awesome! enjoy the 10k in such a pretty place ;)

    ... vegas is definitely flat compared to pullman, so i'm thinking about training in the red rocks when the summer is over. the loop is about 12 miles, so it would be perfect :)

  7. Good luck on the race! We are hill challenged here...I wish we had more, because they only make you stronger!

  8. Hi Scott, yes it is good to be back, I cringe at the low mileage that I'm generating for June, but it can't be helped it seems and perhaps it was a good rest for my shins anyway.