24 June 2007

Early Morning on the Palouse

My running highs last for a couple days after the race (read yesterday's 10k race report). I want to just go out and run and never stop. And since I am following my training schedule fairly closely today I had to go on my long run: 12 miles. Yesterday's 10k was just my easy Saturday run. :)

As much as I talk about Pullman being hilly there is one path that is flat. It's a stretch known as the Chipman Trail. It was built on an abandoned stretch of railroad track that links Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID. The main (flat) stretch is 7 miles long, with only about a hundred foot gain in elevation from Pullman to Moscow. It meets up on both ends with other paths.

I usually do not run this path because it is by far the most popular recreation trail in the area. During the winter I run it a lot when it is snow covered because no one else goes on it. But during the sunny months, especially on weekends, it gets quite busy, especially with bikers. And when it gets too busy it's not real safe for Sadie to be off her leash, so that's why I avoid it most of the time.

This morning, however, we got up early and I thought I would give it a shot because I was in the mood for a flatter run the day after the race.

Sadie and I beat the crowd and during the first 6 miles to Moscow we were basically by ourselves. My legs felt good. I wanted to take it easy just because I didn't know how my body was going to react to a 12 miler the day after a race. I would run to each mile marker and then walk for about 30-45 seconds. This seemed to be a good strategy and I felt strong all the way through. The bikers were out in droves on the way back so Sadie got some good "stay with me" training on the go. She did well and only jumped in front of one biker. :) (sorry to the guy in the funny red shorts).

The photo is at about the 4 mile mark looking east toward Idaho with Moscow Mt. in the background.

Scheduled rest day tomorrow, though I really want to run. We'll see what happens...

Keep running!



  1. ah, Chipman Trail... i miss it. it's amazing how much you run, scott!

  2. Congratulations on a good race, even if a PR was always automatic. I'd love to place in my age group one day. Maybe 20 years from now.

  3. Dang, do you get any breaks? 12 miles?!?

    It's not a surprise that trail would be busy. It's sooo pretty!!! You're so lucky to have such great scenery around you.

    Do you ever think about hitting that trail with a bike yourself? Maybe a possible duathlon/ triathlon in the future?

  4. Holy COW!! You rocked that race and yes the one photo does not look real at all.

    Don't you just love a good runners high?! Even better to be able to go out the very next day and run your 12 miler. Just goes to show how good your body is in shape. Your on target for what you are doing and your legs are following right along with where your heart is.

    Do you hear the making of a hallmark card here?..... I will stop now before you start crying.

    Great JOB!!! Now enjoy the rest day.

  5. That's a wonderful pic! I hope the rest day was ...well... err..restful?!

  6. Congrats on your 10K PR and ribbon! :-) The pics are gorgeous too.

  7. Wide open spaces, looks pretty nice. I bet it can be hotter than heck later in the day.

  8. you're so much more dedicated than i. i sat on my bum sunday complaining that my quads were sore. :)
    so 12 miles on chipman- that's to and back? i thought that equaled 13. my 12 miler is this week- i need to know while you can still type coherently....