06 June 2007

A Date with Scarlett?

Starting today I am following a marathon training schedule. I'm 18 weeks away from Portland and figure I should start getting serious about my running stats. (we'll see how long that lasts...being too serious may take the fun out of it.) I'm going to try to follow the plan as close as I can without going crazy.

Since I'm being so serious today I thought I should throw out my goals for the Portland Marathon.

1. My main goal is to simply finish. How embarrassing would it be to have the fancy blog with all these cool people watching me and not even be able to finish?...

2. My secondary goal is to finish under 5 hrs. This is the time that will officially qualify me for the Comrades Marathon in June '08 (my ultimate ultimate running goal).

3. My I think it may be doable goal is to finish under 4 hrs. 4 hrs looks so studly, doesn't it?

4. My out-of-body experience goal is to finish under 3 hrs and 11 min. This will qualify me for the Boston Marathon.

5. My I've been smoking crack today goal is to finish under 2 hrs and 46 min. There's no significance to that number at all, but it looks like a good, round crack number.

6. My Scarlett Johansson will go on a date with me (and pay the tab) goal is to finish under 2 hrs 4 min and 55 seconds. This will qualify me as the fastest marathon runner - EVER.

So, there it is.

Today's run was through a light rain in a windy low 50's.
Stats: 4.25 miles - 36m 37s - 8:37 pace

Have fun and keep running!



  1. I only wish I knew who Scarlett is...

    You are cracking me up with your last few goals - out of body, smoking crack, date with someone I've never heard of goals. I'll be keeping tabs on you!

  2. wow scott- those are serious times! :) shane has the same boston goal in a sort of halfhearted way... pokey is a good course to qualify b/c the first 1/2 is mainly downhilly. 18 weeks to portland?! i better get cracking on my own training schedule (right now i'm flying by the tabs of k's diapers). way to go on your pace! hey...does portland give you one of those nice foil wrappers at the end? i wanted one at pocatello, but alas- no foil! for ANYONE!

  3. ROFLMAO!! They're all doable!! Why not? ;)

  4. That was funny...the way you wrote your goals out...not your actual goals ;)

    I think you can do it :)

    Good luck with getting serious and not loosing the fun ;)

    Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. Sounds like some wonderful goals! :)

  6. I tend to set goals a bit above what I think I will finish in so that there is not too much added pressure. Secretively I set another one that I keep to myself so as to punish myself if I miss the mark. It is a viscous cycle I live in within myself.

  7. I'll plan on seeing you in Boston, then New York...