07 June 2007

no más margaritas (por favor)

did go on a run today. same route as yesterday. quick trip to the dog park where sadie and i met shasta the pomeranian and a number (like 4 or 5) other energetic dogs.

then...for some mexican food and a pre-birthday celebration for jeanie. her birthday is this weekend but she'll be gone away at a conference. no más margaritas, svp. si? oui? no no no.

stats: 4.25 miles - 37m 18s - 8:47 pace (am I getting slower this week? si si si....)
margaritas: si!

sleepy. i'll dream about running though i promise.



  1. What's wrong with having a couple margheritas? Enjoy!!! LOL Good job on the run!!

  2. Somehow everythime I enjoy one or 4 marghritas I always end up wanting to sleep by the bathroom toilet. Not good!!!

  3. I had a margarita last night. I needed it. For some reason I have been quite uptight and frustrated with applications and interviews... nice job on the run.

  4. ahhh...so that's what you two do post dog partay. i bet sadie's a blast after a margherita or two. shasta, on the other hand, could probably get lost IN the margherita.

  5. Yee Haw...with the marghritas and the marathon plan. You'll be fine dude. Say hi to Sadie from Ella

  6. Doggie party and Margaritas!!! I prefer the later of the two :P

    Hope you weren't sleeping by the toilet, but I'm afraid Robin, I would be there with you! I'm such a cheap drunk! LOL

    Great run..have a great weekend!