21 October 2007

Raining Sideways

This has been a tough week on the home front. Jeanie received some unfortunate news on the road to her PhD. She's pretty bummed to say the least. It's not the end of the world or anything, but it looks like it will delay her progress and keep us around here in Pullman for a bit longer than we expected. :( (Not that I don't absolutely love Pullman....cough cough)

My mom called this evening and asked, rather seriously, if everything was okay. I assumed she was referring to how our week had been but, as usual, I deflected the question with a "What do you mean?" She said, "Your running. Are you still running? You haven't posted a blog in over a week." It made me smile.

Work is at its busy season peak and since I'm on a computer all day I've been less enthusiastic this week about coming home and getting right back on the computer to blog and surf. And that's a big deal, because if I'm not on the computer when I'm in the house then there must seriously be something amiss. Yes, amiss.

The running theme for this week as been rain and wind. And cold. And darkness. Sadie LOVES running in the rain. She does circles in the mud. Bounces in and out of ditches. Catches raindrops with her tongue - inadvertently and "advertently." Jumps up and down on me because I'm just not running fast enough for her. But she HATES the bath she has to get when we're home.

This week I was supposed to hit 50+ miles but there was a bit of discomfort in my left Achilles tendon mid-week that forced me to pull back a little. Which was fine, because I'm too close to the JFK 50 to do anything stupid.

I did hit 20 yesterday and then 11 today to push me over 40 for the fourth consecutive week. The 20 was a flat out and back with at least a 20 mph headwind on the way back. With cold, sideways type rain. A big week this coming week and then a two week taper until race day. I'm getting anxious and excited.

I was hoping to join some crazies on a trail run with a view this weekend, but it just wasn't in the cards to make another 5+ hour (one way) trip again this weekend. When I traded my truck for a motorcycle last year - leaving Jeanie with our only "real" vehicle - I hadn't planned on becoming a traveling runner. My next goal is to get a sidecar that I can put Sadie in for our interstate trail running adventures. That would be awe some.

The photos are from our run today. We didn't get rained on during this run, but the dirt roads were fairly muddy. I'm learning that cold weather running takes some serious planning and some lucky guessing. How much should I wear today? Too much and you're carrying everything for 20 miles and too little you're getting yourself sick for 20 miles. How long until summer?

Hope everyone is running well.



  1. OK, Scott, the sidecar picture is WAY too funny!

  2. Good call on the heel pain.

    Those pix look like you good run forever.

  3. Awwwwwhhhh how cute that Mom checked up on you. Thankfully my mother doesn't read my blog or she'd probably hang her head in shame :P

    You know, I JUST (yes I am incredibly slow LOL) realized that both you and Bob (Blog My Runs) are both doing JFK. Sweet! Now I can stalk both of you at the same time LOL JK!

  4. Nice to hear from you.... I was worried about you too :-) You couldn't be running long in that part of the world and not LOVE to run in the rain, right? I guess Sadie is a pretty smart girl if she is willing to trade a run in the rain for a bath, very smart....

  5. Rain, wind, cold, and darkness are not prime running conditions.

  6. It's been raining sideways here on the coast as well. Sorry to hear about the setback on the PhD program...just means we get to see you around more often at trail runs. :)

  7. Yes, we all worry about you when you are away :D

    Glad you are okay. Sorry about the bad news. Hopefully a little time will cure it.

    You inspired me to take Little Doggie on her first run! She did really well (only 2.6 miles.) but she's no Sadie.

  8. yea the fluctuating weather is freaking tricky to figure out...maybe one of these days i'll get it...until then I'll just keep hoping for summer.

    sorry to hear about the PhD bummer...hope everything works out!

  9. It has been such nice weather here lately (in the midwest) but every now and then we get a nasty overcast chilly day and I am already getting anxious about winter. I really don't like it at all and keep thinking how long until March/April rolls back around :P Not a good way to go into November probably :X

    Glad to hear you are still alive and well. So sorry about the phD stuff. That's a bummer :(

  10. 20 and then 11... back to back? I don't think I will ever see that in my future! Nice job!

  11. Stay healthy! No need to overdo things now. Sorry to hear about the snafu on the way to the PhD. Maybe she should head west and finish at the UW :) (Yes, I am bias)

  12. I no what you mean about having a beak from the PC every so often. Those weekly totals are starting to look pretty impressive. We can start calling you a seasoned pro soon.

  13. scott, you're heading to professional zone. which means soon you'll need professional help. :) just kidding. you are doing great! i was just thinking that you are coming up on JFK pretty quick. AAAAHHHHH!!!! 50!!!!

    we made jeanie cookies, but as she may have told you, they didn't get there due to the fact that we had a case of dog poo flu here. figured y'all didn't need that this weekend. :) (plus, it would really suck to not get to run due to some bug from a large animal).

  14. I am sorry about the PHD info. :<( But you do seem to be in a wonderful running area. Love the pics!!! I think I will take some pics of the cement I run on for you. LOL

  15. Don't even say the word "summer" right now. The heat just about did me in and I look forward to some much cooler temps!!

    I totally know what you mean about being so busy at work. Once I get home and do the kid and wife stuff, get the miles in and dinner I am just to tired to set with the laptop and post. Sorry on my part but it is the truth.

    Right on about not being stupid right now. You are to close to JFK and be smart with your runs. Do you get massages. It is a great key in recovery and keeping injuries at bay.

  16. Hey Scott...hope the heel bit heal up quickly. Cool photos - seems pretty flat where you are...nice rural setting and ans Darrell suggested, looks like you could run forever. Awesome.

  17. hey check out this post from rootsrunner! Very good JFK advice


  18. Scott,
    I hope you get to meet e-speed at JFK. I've read her reports of the race and it sounds great. I also got to meet her in SF last weekend - she's a bundle of energy!

    Bummer on the PhD thing. It's just a bump in the trail right? Hard to take, but manageable. Anways, take care of that achilles.