26 October 2007

Need Sleepy

Man I've been tired this week. I don't know if it's a lack of good sleep or if it's an accumulation of my miles adding up. It probably has a lot to do with the super super super busy week at work. My mind is numb. Maybe it's because I've been a vegetarian this week. Maybe more on that in a future post - in the unlikely event that it lasts. I know that now is probably not a good time to start radical dietary changes... Whatever it is, I've been low on energy.

Three weeks until JFK! I have a big weekend planned mileage wise. I'll see how my energy levels are and take it from there. For once I want to go into a race nice and rested.
The taper weeks are going to be a beautiful welcome.

I woke up this morning to a brisk 19 degrees. The season's first scrape the ice off the windshield/motorcycle morning. Only a handful of rides left before ice takes over the streets. Wasn't it just a month or so ago that I was running in 102 degrees?

There have been a couple decent runs so far this week. My main goal at this point is to stay injury free. Easy runs, generous walk breaks - just get the miles in. Shasta joined us yesterday for six miles. That ties her PR for distance. I'll never get tired of the looks I get when people see Shasta running along with me and Sadie. She has so much fun...most of the time.

I've been doing quite a few runs along the side of a rail line lately. It's virtually an unused track and the "path" along side is very rocky. Running on the rocks is my attempt to train for JFK's rocky Appalachian Trail portion of the race. Sadie met some horses and made friends. But she doesn't care about the horses as much as she cares about pouncing into the grass to stir up a rabbit or grouse. She's the best running partner a guy could ask for. She licks my wounds and urges me to keep going. I still haven't told her I'm going on an epic 50 mile race without her...

Jeanie's doing well. Things seem a bit more manageable after having a week to look at things.

A couple big runs this weekend and then taper. I'll try to grab a few photos along the way.

Keep running!



  1. Holy!! 19 degrees already?!? And I was just complaining about the 40-50 degree weather here. I'll stop LOL

  2. I thought it was chilly here when I had to scrape my windshield wednesday morning. I have been parking in the garage ever since!

    This morning it was a brisk 33 degrees, but nice! I can't believe you dropped to 19 degrees already! Craziness!

    Looks like I wasn't the only one extremely tired this week!

    Oh, and your guesses on my halloween costume... good... but not correct!

  3. You have the same kind of running partner I do--there is nothing like a runner who is always even more excited than you to get out the door, will go at your pace no matter what, and keeps away strangers at night in the city.

    Good luck and be glad for your low temps. I'm in MI and it's still in the 60's--crazy!
    By the way, could you post my blog as a link so I can join the running conversation? I'm looking for advice on how to get back to training after an injury. I am training for the Arizona Marathon in Jan. my first marathon.

  4. It seems as though everyone has had a rough week and is in need of more sleep. Must be contagious!

  5. Now, now Scott. It's not eating vegetarian...Some of us do that all the time! It's more likely to be all the big runs in a row. Just make sure that you are getting adequate protein. Bars, soy, try Morningstar Farms products, some cereals. There's your motherly advice for the day!

  6. Add in the upcoming time change and I am feeling a nap coming on.

    Enjoying my taper. Kick butt on your miles this weekend.

    I need a Sadie!!

  7. WOW!! The clock is ticking off fast! Scraping on your windshield? WHAT is THAT about? It's been in the 90s here!!;>)

  8. I hear yah on the cold! It snowed here yesterday..it didn't stick, but it snowed for a couple of hours.

    Love the pics!

    I dont know how you run on trials without breakin/rolling an ankle!!

    Vegetarian eh? I had a great lentil burger the other day!

  9. Good luck breaking the news to Sadie about the JFK...I hope so takes it well.

    P.S. Do you have details on the race, like where people can watch any parts because if I'm not mistaken it's not far from me and if I have free time the weekend that is maybe I'll swing by.

  10. It has been chilly on this side of the mountains as well. I need to adjust my schedule to allow for warming up the car in the morning. Stay healthy and begin that taper.

  11. Ouch, 19 degrees?

    Hope you had a great weekend and got all the miles in you wanted to!

  12. I gotta run a trail. I'm jealous. and sadie makes me want a dog. and I'm not a dog guy.