05 October 2007

A Date With Scarlett? (Part II)

When I started my "official" training for the Portland Marathon a few months ago I posted a list of goals for the race. Since then, my overall goals have changed a bit and the Portland Marathon has now become a step toward the JFK 50 Mile run next month.

So I am posting my original goals for Sunday's Portland Marathon, with current revisions in red:

1. My main goal is to simply finish. How embarrassing would it be to have the fancy blog with all these cool people watching me and not even be able to finish?...

It might be embarrassing no matter what. I just hope I have enough in my legs to not kill myself.

2. My secondary goal is to finish under 5 hrs. This is the time that will officially qualify me for the Comrades Marathon in June '08 (my ultimate ultimate running goal).

I think this is my realistic goal for the race. 5 hrs...I can do that, right? I don't know. We'll see.

3. My I think it may be doable goal is to finish under 4 hrs. 4 hrs looks so studly, doesn't it?

Running on tired legs this week. Don't know if this will be realistic or not. I'll probably start at this pace and keep it until I can't. 2 miles? 10 miles? We'll see. It will be fun no matter what.

4. My out-of-body experience goal is to finish under 3 hrs and 11 min. This will qualify me for the Boston Marathon.

Depends on what I eat for breakfast.

5. My I've been smoking crack today goal is to finish under 2 hrs and 46 min. There's no significance to that number at all, but it looks like a good, round crack number.

No comment.

6. My Scarlett Johansson will go on a date with me (and pay the tab) goal is to finish under 2 hrs 4 min and 55 seconds. This will qualify me as the fastest marathon runner - EVER.

Great, this one just got a little harder. The marathon record was broken last weekend and now I'll have to beat 2 hrs 4 min 26 seconds. What a cruel, cruel world.


  1. Who is this Scarlett chick anyway? You have a date with the Y Run Club, and all you have to do to make it is show up - no fast time neccesary! See you then.

  2. Life is cruel, cruel, cruel. How about just finishing Portland sometime Sunday and then having a date with me at JFK and we'll run it together sometime under 12 hours...or better yet- you run Portland, JFK, and Comrades while that Scarlett chick goes jogging with Janie and I around the park.

  3. good luck! and I'll work on getting scarlett for ya. :)

    have fun!

  4. If you start your garmin late, anything is possible.

  5. Have good race Scott, I'm picking under four hours!

    Don't expect any yoga photos, that would be way too scary for everyone.

  6. Oh it's gonna be a fun day boys and girls, precip 70% with showers! Woohoo, here we go rain or shine!

  7. Have a great time in Portland.

    Say hi to Scarlett for me. I'm sure she will remember me. Remind her about that time at.........

  8. You're to funny!! Good luck!!

  9. The 2 hr one is still TOTALLY doable!! You're a studly man and all ;-)

  10. I hope it went great!! I am too late to wish you good luck now!

  11. Just checked the race site. Looks like you did great!! Congrats, sub 4 :D

  12. I hope the race went well. Hopefully you had better weather than the people in Chicago! Can't wait for the race report!

  13. LOL! I love number 6. Well, dreaming is free. Good luck in the race and I hope the weather is good in Portland.