13 October 2007

On Trails

A first marathon high keeps going and going and....

Portland's been on my mind all week. And on my legs, too. This marathon was the goal when I started training at the beginning of the year. I'm just so thrilled at how far I've come. From squeaking out ten or so miles a week to completing an ultra and running a very successful first marathon. I proved myself wrong because I'll be honest that I didn't think I had it in me when my training first began. And I wonder how I would be doing if it wasn't for this blog. Runners are wonderful people and you all have been just as much a part of my training as my shoes have been. Hugs all around. (Check out the professional-but-non-downloadable-until-purchased photos of me at the marathon here.)

More than a few people have asked me how I would compare my ultra with my marathon. The biggest difference is that the Portland Marathon gave an awesome finisher's medal that I've been wearing to work all week. The Cle Elum 50k gave me a water bottle.

As awesome as the Portland Marathon was (and it was) I think it may be hard for me to get back on the pavement for that long of a run anytime soon as long as I have the option of hitting the trails. About the only thing that may entice me would be location (see Comrades Marathon). A big race like Portland has it's advantages: amazingly supportive spectators and very high energy. But a race like Cle Elum has trails. And more trails. I'm a trails guy.

Tomorrow is the Spokane Marathon. Since my JFK 50 training calls for a 20+ mile run this weekend I was entertaining the idea of running this race. But again, it's on pavement. And poor Sadie has been left behind on my weekend runs for three of the last four weeks. :( She become very suspicious of me. "Where have you been?" "Why don't you call" "Are those running shoes you're packing?" "Please tell me you're not cheating on me with another runner." "I licked your hand yesterday, doesn't that mean anything to you anymore?" So today Sadie and I had some bonding time on the trails.

Throw all sorts of goodies in the pack and let's go. Just you and me, Sadie. So I can prove to you what my true intentions are.

We saw a big bull moose as we were pulling into the trail head. Maybe not so big for a moose, but definitely bigger than a squirrel. Snapped a photo but it was too far away for my awesome camera phone to pick up.

I've been taking it easy this week. Putting in the miles, but going nice and easy to get all the kinks out from Portland. My legs have been pretty sore, but not so bad where I've wimped out and taken the elevator (are you proud of me Bella?).

Today's plan was to explore parts of Moscow Mt. (Idaho) that until recently I've never been in shape enough to reach in a single run. The Garmin came in handy also. I had no idea about the lengths of these new trails and off trails and crossing trails and up trails and down trails so it was nice to know how far I'd been running.

Everything is turning colors. Many of the trails I ran today were littered with yellow and red leaves. Nice to look at - but they hide the roots and rocks. Barely avoided a few big falls. Sadie was having a blast as usual and it was definitely worth skipping out on the Spokane Marathon to get some nice trail running in.

Stats: 23 miles - 4hr 33min
elevation chart to the right

My legs were tired but felt strong. (Does that make sense?) Sadie is currently asleep underneath my desk with her head on my feet. Today's run was the farthest she's ever been. Her previous PR was 20.5 miles. She's a good, good girl.

The JFK 50 is sneaking up on me and my dad. He's been scouting out the course over the last few weekends. A couple more weeks of putting in some good miles and then it will be taper time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I was slow on blog checks this week but should be back to normal soon.

Keep running!



  1. Dude, 23 miles the weekend after a marathon and on hills too. That is darn impressive.

    We both made the same choice this weekend when it came to venues. I almost ran the Long Beach Half tomorrow (on pavement) but instead I hit the trails for 14 with some friends in Orange County. It was an awesome run.

  2. Scott,
    Those are some awesome colors on that trail. Wow! Twenty-three miles is great on marathon legs. You're so ready for JFK!

  3. So, I am thinking that there is definitely a Maniac in the mist writing these entries. Especially when you were entertaining the thought of running a marathon the week after your "first" marathon as a training run. What kind of person thinks that way? :)

  4. Oh you get a smiley face sticker for stucking it and being a big boy! haha

    Whoa, back to back weekends of marathons...something I want to do too!

    btw, would you be so kind and shoot me an email @


  5. You are going to love the JFK 50 course. I did 8 hours on it yesterday (the Appalachian Trail section and some of the C&O canal section). The scenery is amazing. I did a face plant on the AT due to the scenery. How could I forget there were rocks on that trail. I ran into a few others training for the JFK. They said the race is really fun. They were both wearing Brooks Adrenaline like yours. They should work for you. I'll be wearing my Montrail Vitesse. Nothing better:)

    Well, our motel is reserved. The course has been scoped out. The training is almost complete. I just wish you could bring Sadie to run with us. See you soon...

  6. That sound slike a wonderful run. You know, it's pretty amazing that Sadie can run with you that far. You should check into/create a marathon where dogs can join their owners.

    Actually, now that I mention it, I lean towards "create." It could be called: Scott and Sadie's Marathon and can be held on the trails where you run. Scooter and I would come, but sadly, Scooter would probably poop out after 2 miles. He's not a distance dog. And he has very little legs (like me!). But we would still come and we would tell everyone before we left: We're training for the Scott and Sadie.

    That would be awesome.

  7. Darn it!! I was hoping that I could save those pics on my hard drive . . .for ummmmm yeah . . . I can't say :P

  8. Scott, the first thing that came to mind when I read your opening sentence, "A first marathon high keeps going and going and...", was when you, Lisa and I jumped out of the plane. I could not stop grinning for a long time. I was so glad I did it and so glad I lived to tell about it.

  9. Wow look at the elevation chart...the week after my first marathon I sat in chairs, took elevators and waddled like a freaking penguin to and from class because my legs hated me a lot.

  10. very impressive, scott. sadie sounds like a terrific pal!! you are smokin' and gonna do awesome at JFK!

  11. Holy cow, I can't believe you went that long this week. You are SO hooked. I still can't believe your dog can do these runs. Amazing.

  12. There's no holding you back now is there. JFK 50 watch out!

  13. Wow.....you are indeed impressive....I'm not sure I could do trails....my ankles I don't think could handle the uneven surfaces...

    Great colors thought that you get to surround yourself with....

  14. Oh yea, I think I would of skipped the marathon for some of that too. Although, I'm not sure about the moose thing. Is it mating season :-)

    Lucky Sadie!!

  15. I wish we had forest trails around here. That's too cool. do you think 26 miles on asphalt is tougher than a 31 mile ultra on softer trails? I think trails are in my future and maybe an ultra.

  16. I am constantly amazed at how hardcore you are! Not to mention Sadie! That is awesome that she can hang with you for that kind of distance! She is certainly the best kind of running partner :)

  17. Two questions:

    Would it be weird if I download the picture of you crossing the finish line and set it as my desktop background?

    Can a ninja finish a marathon?

  18. Ahhh, I need to get out of the plains and into some mountains some time soon!

  19. I totally understand "tired but strong legs". That is how I feel right now!! I get it!!

    Like Pat said we don't have many trails around here. Lots and lots of flat pavement.

  20. I am with you... trails are my only way to go now. The pavement is not my friend!!

    Holy Cow you rocked the Portland Marathon!!!! How are those legs feeling? Then you turn around and rock the trails with Sadie. Great job!!

    So the question I am asking myself after the marathon I ran last week is whether I could turn around and run another marathon right then and there. Yes.. I am getting very nervous about the 54 mile race!!! Almost in freak out mode but not completely.

    Love the pictures!

  21. Um, excuse me sir? Is this where I get the application? What application, you ask? Oh, that would be the application to be your nemesis. I heard that you are looking for one and I wanted to stop by and apply.