02 September 2007

Slow Progress

My knee is feeling much better, but it is s-l-o-w progress. Yesterday morning I took the pups for an easy 3.5 mile run. (Photos: Shasta on top and Sadie on bottom on two separate sections of the trail.) It is hard not to go out and just push it like I was three weeks ago. Safe. I must be safe. So I ran easy and threw some nice easy walk breaks in the mix. 3.5 miles - no knee pain, plus absolutely no discomfort or any signs of the runner's knee. Very nice. Yesterday evening I was able to successfully drag Jeanie away from her studies (she's working on her Ph.D.) and we went out for another short run - 2.5 miles. Knee still felt good, though it did feel a little fatigued. Not even close to the pain and discomfort I've felt for the past two weeks.

This morning I took Sadie for a five mile run. Again, I took a few walk breaks just to be conservative, but I ran more than I've run since the start of all this. For about a mile or so I took of the training wheels and picked up the pace a little. It felt good and my knee felt great and I wanted to keep going. I planned to push it a bit to the end but during the last half mile I felt the fatigue setting in so I immediately hit the brakes and walked in. No pain, but still not 100%. I'll probably take Monday and Tuesday off just to get some more rest.

My heart tells me I'll still be ready for Cle Elum on the 15th...but I think I need to start being realistic about whether my knee will be ready. I still have two weeks to make that decision though, so no reason to call it off this soon.

Also, I started wearing a knee support yesterday that seems to be helping. I had tried one of those knee straps but I didn't like the feel of it and it didn't give me the comforting feeling of the knee support that I want right now.


ATTENTION all Garmin Forerunner 205/305 users...

I'm getting pretty close to thinking real hard about possibly looking into maybe getting one. I'm leaning toward the 205 just because I don't think I'd use the heart rate monitor (and because it's less expensive). BUT my biggest obstacle right now is trying to figure out simply if it would be worth having. Sure, I'd have loads of fun with its GPS capabilities - but I'm worried that with all the tree-covered trail running I do it would just be a waste on those runs. I wouldn't really need the GPS capabilities on my road training because I have a watch and can use mapmyrun.com for accurate distances and relatively accurate elevation gain/loss. And nothing really excites me about all the bells and whistles like the training partner thing. So I would want this almost solely for running trails. I'd like to get accurate data on my trail runs, data that right now I'm just estimating. SO, if anyone out there tells me the performance of either the 205 or 305 is noticeably compromised under near constant tree-covered trail running then I will skip it and continue to run like the cavemen did. If any of you trail runners are completely satisfied with its trail performance then I would love to hear.


Have a wonderful Labor Day!!



  1. I have the garmin 205 and it is handy, especially for pacing purposes, but if you already wear a watch, you probably can do much of the same stuff with your own calculations. So really? I don't know if it'd be worth your $$$.

  2. I have a 301 and run with it in the desert so not much help there. I will tell you that Garmin is coming out with a new model so in the next few months you should be able to snatch up a 205/305 at a good price. You can already get the 305 for $149 with a rebate. Keep your eye out and you might find a real bargain.

    Glad your knee is making some progress!

  3. Scott,
    I used the 205 on both the Capital Peak 25K and the Orcas Island 25K without losing a signal - both were through forest. I also used it at the Last Chance Marathon in Bellingham - there was one little stretch of trail there where I lost it, but I'm not sure it was the trees - I think it was the angle of the mountain above me.

    I didn't want a garmin, but Eric kept saying I needed one. He got it for me for Christmas and now I love it!

  4. Good to hear the knee is holding up. Take it easy and play it safe.

  5. Glad the knee's coming right. Take it easy.

  6. nice to hear about running with no pain!! yeah!! i have the 205 and enjoy it. it has not lost signals on the trails for me. if you live where there is an REI, they usually sell them a bit cheaper there. keep us posted on what u decide!!

  7. Listen to Lisa, if you want a good deal she's the chick that knows where to get one. She is also the reason why I'm practically bankrupt :P

    I don't have the 205 so I can't really comment. I only have the 101. Which is great for me because I don't care for all the extras. I only use it for pace readouts and interval training. But I will say it sucks in tree lined areas LOL

  8. Way to take it easy...what's this telling me to rebel with a 20 miler?? :) I tried to do a couple miles but I'm not over the cold enough, my body said "no thanks."

    I have the 305 and I really love it, but I love gadgets -- I married a total nerd so we always have the best gadgets.

    J~mom is right, rebate right now makes it el cheapo, too. I have lost signal occasionally in heavy tree cover but only for seconds, it will make up for it so your route would still be accurate. I almost always lose signal in any kind of tunnel but that is usually short lived and rare.

  9. Glad to hear your playing it safe! Just take it one run at a time!

  10. I love my 305. I bought it from Amazon and used the rebate. i think it cost me 169. If you need the rebate you can go to my blog and look for the garmin label on the right. On july 14th post you'll see a link for the rebate.

    it's a must have item. not sure how it works in the trees, I live in the desert like j-mom.

  11. I don't have a Garmin, but I'm thinking about getting on too, so everyone's comments have been pretty helpful.

    Glad to hear your knee's doing better!

  12. Glad to hear that the knee is coming around. I have found that the combination of weight training and self-massage made the big difference for me.

    I just ordered a 305, but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't give you a review yet. I had to have it because I'm just a big gear geek and love knowing every little thing about a run.

  13. Coming back from an injury is treacherously slow, hand in there.

    About the Garmin, I'm no help. I've gotten by for 4 years with just a watch. Just never sure that I wanted to spend the money.

  14. oohh..some running! YEAH!!!!

  15. Glad to hear the knee is coming around. You are so right, slow and steady is the key. A wise man, no not me, said that you can't run your long runs too slow. Take it easy on the old knee and I think you'll be fine.

    I've run with my Garmin 205 on trails in the woods, and it didn't lose its signal. On the other hand, its lost its signal on a tree lined road (with no trees overhead), so I guess it just depends.

    I do know that 205 and 305 have a more senstive GPS receiver, and the training features are awesome...

  16. Glad to hear that you are back on the road running. That has to make you feel so much better. I don't have a garmin either, but it is definitely on my list ;)

  17. I hear you, hoping the knee straightens up asap so you blaze through the Cle Elum jungle.

  18. Moving forward it better than no moving at all. it will be slow going but you are getting there!!

    As for the Garmin.. I vote no. I have the 201 and can not remember the last time I used it. Mainly it drives me crazy with worrying about my pace. I am so OCD so don't listen to me.

  19. I purchased a polar HRM with the foot pod. I've used it a few times. In the end I start to wonder if it's even worth tracking distance while training. Many successful runners and ultra runners just run/train by time only. After a while you start you know you're pacing very well and can estimate distances easily. It's nice to be free from gadgets sometimes. But if it motivates you to get out there, then by all means order up the latest and greatest ;)

    good luck :)