06 September 2007

"Thanks, New Girl"

So the new girl at work has run a marathon before. And track/cross-country in high school. I was talking with her about my runner's knee hoping maybe she had something wonderfully insightful that I haven't heard yet. Here's a recap of the insightful conversation:

Her - Do you stretch?

Me - Yes.

Her - Maybe you need new shoes. Do you keep track of the miles?

Me - Yes.

Her - Sometimes you can increase your weekly mileage too fast.

Me - Yeah, but I've been following a training schedule almost exactly.

Her - Try running on something other than concrete or asphalt.

Me - Most of my runs are on dirt or gravel.

Her - Well, some people just weren't born with the ability to run.

Me - Thanks. Talk to you later. (I don't like your shoes. So there!)

Thanks for the inspiration. What is this, a couple questions that don't solve anything then immediately suggest I change my life plan??? Last running conversation I have with her. Maybe last anything conversation.

Anyway, Sadie and I went out for a lovely five mile run. No knee pain or any discomfort. My quads are still a little tight from all the quad exercises I've been doing. But a little running will solve that problem.

I feel I may be getting back into the groove. Still going to take it easy this weekend, but I am feeling much more optimistic about my chances of finishing a 50k next weekend within the eight hour time limit. (you have permission to begin heckling me for even thinking about the 50k right now...)

Today - 5 pain free miles on no treadmill

Keep running!



  1. Did you squish her head? You need to if you didn't.


  2. PS Turn your volume down on that.

  3. You know, sometimes you strain something, and you never figure out why. Once you get it healed up, it's gone forever. If it reoccurs, that's when you start looking at mechanical stuff. Maybe this time something was a little sore, throwing your gait off and whammo - a compensation injury. Who knows? Focus on the great pain-free runs instead.

    Look for Eric next week!

  4. Wow, previous-marathon-girl is lame. And yeah, her shoes are TOTALLY fug.

  5. Actually, if we weren't born to run, we wouldn't be able to run down food and eat it. Ask Pearl Izumi :-)

    Nice progress on the knee! Keep using that Tiger's Tail. I like ours. It doubles as a good tool to intimidate the hounds....

  6. Are you serious?!? She went there? Aahhhhhhhhhh hell nah! Spit on her LOL JK!

    You have officially found your nemesis :P

  7. What?!!... now you are against the treadmill. MEN!!!

    I have not met this new work girl but I already don't care for her. How stupid of her to make a comment like that. You say the word and I can make her disappear.

  8. Seriously? Is she still in high school? That is just one of the dumbest things I have ever heard someone say! Great job on the pain-free 5 miles...sorry I scared you off my blog earlier. I promise to try to keep it less frightening from now on ;)

  9. How rude of her! When you are new, aren't you suppose to be trying to make friends?

    Great, great news about the knee!

    Here is to many more pain free miles.......

  10. Well isn't she just special. "...some people just weren't born with the ability to run." Obviously, some people just weren't born with the ability to carry on an intellegent conversation. Here advice is about as useful as handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.

    Anywho, I hope my advice is a little better...just keep at the strength training consistantly and I think your knee problem with stay away. I know it has been working for me. Great job with the runs!

  11. Can we just say it all together, B*TCH!! Okay, I hate that word, and only reserve it for things like that nasty headcold, but I just can't get around that IT FITS. I'm so sorry that you were subjected to that. I second the squish her head and spit on her comments!! Hee hee.

    So glad you knee is doing better.
    Scott. Keeps. Running. Yeah. Take that.

  12. That just adds more to the frustration of dealing with an injury...a smart mouth like that. Hope the knee holds up well and see you next weekend!

  13. I'd cut her some slack. Like Chad said some people weren't born to 'open their mouths'.

    Of course, I hope I never meet her, because her critique of my running ablility would probably be brutal.

  14. she is a poopie head. jeanie told me this story and i was dying- just wait until she gets injured doing ANYTHING and think of all the good lines. "some people just weren't born to staple." "some people just weren't meant to walk." "some people just aren't cut out to work here." i can think of all kinds of fun passive aggressive ways to retaliate. :)

  15. I like your new "friend". She reminds me of a few people I have known in my life. Very ignornat and short sighted, yet quite motivating to prove them wrong. Your knee will probably never hurt again...
    Bring on the 50K.
    Bring on the marathon.
    Bring on the 50 Miler.
    Rocky Racoon 100 in February??

  16. i hope she is young and inexperienced in life...that would be her only excuse.

    good job on the run!

  17. Hmmm. Sounds like a similar conversation that I had with my ex-boyfriend a year and a half ago when I started running. What a jerk of a comment to make "Well, some people just weren't born with the ability to run." --- I would have bitch slapped her! hehehe :)

    Way to go on the 5 PAIN FREE miles on the THRILLMILL! :)

  18. You are a real runner...she is not! Real runners encourage other runners to do what we do best... RUN!

    Place her in the category of non-runner and disregard any- and everything she says to you!

    Your blog title says it all... "I KEEP running" You go, Dude!!

  19. hahaha, i wanna meet this new girl. didn't jen deal with someone like her, too? those socially challenged people crack me up, but i'm sure it wasn't funny for you! sorry!!

  20. Best to ignore those kind of people. I've had plenty of doctors tell me to stop running, or that I can't run. Just keep trying different things until you find what works for you. For me it took knee surgery and a complete change in my running form/style. Let's hope you don't need the surgery ;)