31 August 2007

Test Run II: A New Hope

Took the knee for a spin at the gym today. I'm pleased. Not completely satisfied, but pleased.

I went 3.5 miles around the gym's indoor track, which is flat and soft compared to anywhere outside. Walked half, ran half. No knee pain. There was a definite fatigue/discomfort feeling in my knee during the last couple laps, but no pain. This, I think, is very good news. My last couple "test" runs were about the same distance with a very noticeable discomfort/pain in the knee that forced me to stop running. My quads were very tired, but this can be attributed to the quad exercises that I've been doing the last two weeks for rehab. I could have kept running today (for how long I don't know) but I wanted to play it super safe and live to run another day.

A recap of my last couple weeks:
  • Aug 14th - my last pain free run (17 days ago)
  • 3 painful short runs before I decided I should rest (totaling 11 miles)
  • One scenic 10 mile hike with uncomfortable running mixed in (um, probably should have skipped this hike...)
  • 10 days with no running
  • Various cross-training
  • 54 movies (at least it seemed like it)
I don't want to get too excited about today's test run, because it was short and I did walk a lot, but I can definitely see an improvement in the knee. So I'm going to get semi-excited and see how it feels this weekend. The Tiger Tail seems to be working great, the icing seems to be doing the trick, and the heating pads are always nice. Not going to get too excited, though...

Hopefully I can keep running. Cle Elum is in two weeks!



  1. Great news. Let's run 30 miles tomorrow :)

  2. Sounds pretty promising to me ;D Here's to some healing, homie!!

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  4. Scott - just found your blog! Glad to hear you got a run in today. I'll also be at the JFK for my first 50. I haven't had the knee problems you're describing, but I have had (and am currently having) my share of running-related "issues". Battling muscle and tendon issues over the last few years, I've learned that cross-training (cycling and swimming), strength training (lower body and core), hamstring stretches (I think my tight hammies are the root of most of my problems) and lots of ice are huge. Got to work on your legs with that Tiger Tail too! [I edited to fix something]

  5. Really good news about the knee. I would keep treating it gently for the next couple of weeks or Cle Elum might be a really long day.

  6. Sounds good!! Don't rush it and keep icing!

  7. That sounds promising!

  8. good to hear, scott! keep it up!

  9. Alright... you must unplug the TV!! Do it now!! I had no idea that you had gotten this bad. Do it... I mean it!! No more TV!! Do you not have enough books to read? Look back at the list I sent you and get to reading!!

    The recovery will be slow going but try and be good. It took 3 or 4 weeks before I was running any distance that I would call a run. Sucked big time but I can tell with each week it is getting better. Glad to hear that you are rolling. It will help big time. Every time I grab the TT my husband just laughs. He says I make funny, very focused faces while I am rolling. Not sure what he means. Maybe he is just jealous. LOL!!

    The great news is that you still have time for recovery. Think positive. The mind is a powerful tool. It is everything!!

    Alright, I am finished with your beating. NO MORE TV!!

  10. oh i missed when you posted about your knee pain. i'm glad your knees are collaborating with you! i hope you won't push yourself too hard and that you will get to run the race in 2 weeks!

  11. Great little run today!! Glad it was better on the controlled surface!!
    Here's to some longer runs in your near future!

    Is your butt like jello now :p

    BTW, that is a bandaid and a short curlie in the backgroud of the hawt new girl on my page :) I was playing..my voice sounds silly!